Drink milk to have a healthy baby

Expectant mothers should drink milk to get enough vitamin D for their baby’s health. Otherwise Babies weigh a bit less than those born to moms who take milk regularly. Vitamin D, not calcium or any other milk-related nutrient is responsible for the infants’ lower weight. A fraction of pound in body weight difference can be a danger sign. It can be fulfill by taking sufficient vitamin D.

There are about 2.25 micrograms of vitamin D in a cup of milk. Each daily microgram a mother consumes, her baby’s birth weight will increase by 11 grams. Vitamin D is important in the development of the skeleton. Whether in the womb or later in life, lack of vitamin D is dangerous.

Some books suggest the pregnant mothers not to drink milk. It can put you and your to be born children at risk of allergiesallergies, diabetesdiabetes, and lactose intolerancelactose intolerance. But according to the research none of these reasons is strong enough to make the advice that expecting women should stay away from milk


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