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Cutting down on your meat as you turn to a vegan


Believe us it is not impossible. When you come to know about the potential risks of meat on the overall health and see the plight of the animals that are sacrificed for your appetite, it will not be tough.

The risks of red meat

An extensive study on the effects of red meat consumption has revealed shocking truths. Harvard School of Public Health studied 125,000 health pros for a period over two decades. Some 24,000 people died of heart ailments or cancer within this period.

Those who died young, did so majorly because of cancer or heart diseases, they were the people who ate more of red meat. It was also observed that these people had a poor lifestyle, they smoked more, consumed more alcohol and exercised less and weighted more as compared to the people who ate less red meat.

Don’t worry you will not miss protein

Nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, vegetables, tofu, tempeh, rice the list is practically too long, don’t be mistaken that you may miss on the proteins if you eliminate meat from your diet. Proteins are essential for the growth of the body, in fact, they are present in every cell and tissue in the body.

Banish processed meats first

To make it easy for you to quit the non-vegetarian diet, take a small step at the beginning else you might find it hard. If you are a die-hard fan of meat and think that you will never be able to quit, think again. This will not happen overnight, start by dropping all the processed meats first. Numerous studies reveal the harm caused by the processed foods, eating more of processed foods is the worst that you can do to your body.

Let vegetables take the limelight

Meat might have been the star of your dish since long. Switch the meat with vegan options, get plenty of nutrition and less fat. Fried tempeh, tofu, black beans, soya beans are some options that you can try to substitute for meat.

Choose a day of the week when you will not consume meat at all. You can follow the international convention of a meatless-Monday. This campaign began in 2003 and is today followed in more than 29 countries around the world.

Being vegan is a rising trend, and several people are moving to this new lifestyle. Self-health and compassion for the creatures that co-exist with us has made many people turn to vegetarianism.

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