Crazy sexy diet

Have you heard about Crazy Sexy Diet? The diet has done wonders for people who faced often health issues. The diet is a cleanse formula designed for the modern-day eating habits of dieters. Food cravings, convenience foods selection and addiction to unhealthy foods are known to be the modern-day eating habits.

Crazy Sexy Diet is a formula where the dieter’s body is able to remove toxins and impurities which lead to stability in health and lesser illnesses. The diet is also beneficial for weight loss.

Week One  Consume a lot of fresh juice of vegetables at this time. You will find it extremely difficult to pass by this phase because your body will try to take a stand against the detoxifying treatment. Have delicious smoothies, juices, and salads to get rid of food cravings and addiction to fast food and junk food items.

You will see yourself improving with every single day. After 5 days into the diet, you will start feeling lighter and fresher. Don’t worry if you have an upset stomach. Fast 1 day in the week. It will boost the detoxifying process. Smoothies should be prepared from low-fat milk, low-fat yogurt, and frozen fruits. Berries are most beneficial when it comes to the selection of fruits. Enjoy healthy salads made from leafy greens.

Week Two It is recommended to make a shopping list and buy all the food items you will need in the week 2 of this diet. You need to repeat most of the meals from the previous week. Beans, healthy fats, salads, veggies, and grains are supposed to be your main intake during the second week.

Have green tea once in a day regularly. Having 2 servings of fresh plain fruit is recommended. Whole grain cereals are good to include as well. By this time, your cravings for sugar and carbs would vanish. Raw trail mix, hummus, rice cake, celery, kale chips, and almond butter are the best snack options.

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