Controversy over minimum exercise requirement

All of us know for sure that exercise is important to maintain a good health. But, what we are not sure of is how much exercise is good or bad and to what degree. The Britons have been ‘misled’ regarding this matter.


The National health guideline says that 30 minutes of brief exercise will help one maintain the health. But, taking a quick walk or just gardening won’t help that much. There seems to be a lot of controversy over the phrase ‘moderate exercise’.

Researchers from Exeter University found out that walking and gardening doesn’t do much for them. They believe that activities like jogging and even running prevents the body from breaking down. When it comes to exercise, it is difficult to design a ‘one size fits all’ kind of scheme. I think this is probably because, everyone’s body acts differently.

Last August, two different reports with contradictory views were published. The first report believes that walking less than half hour keeps you in decent shape. The second believes that 20 minutes of walk three times a week is crucial for good health. It is hard to come up with a general guideline everyone. So, Britons think that they have been misled.

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