Coffee consumption associated with hypertension

coffee consumption associated with high bp

Undergoing the medication for having full control on high BP, appears to get elevated among the coffee lovers.
Though the scientists also discovered that no link exist between what amount of coffee a person consumes & higher chances of high BP, whether he/she consumes 1 or 7-8 cups or even more than this on regular basis.

There were some earlier researches which show that there is association between coffee intake and high BP but this link is not cleared up till date.

The researchers monitored nearly 24,710 people of age 25 to 64, who have no family history of medication for high BP, coronary heart problem and strokes. Self-managed list of questions were answered by them and that were also used to evaluate daily coffee intake.

The people were monitored for at least 13.2 years. At that time, nearly 2,505 people began to undergo antihypertensive medication.

The chances of requirement to undergo antihypertensive medication was greater among coffee consumers in comparison to non-coffee drinkers, with the greatest high risk by about 29%, being linked with consumption of 2-3 cups of coffee regularly. The consumption of even more than 8 cups in one single day alone raises this risk by nearly 14%.

Hu & team of researchers mentioned that — the chances of developing high blood pressure linked with coffee intake was quite small, this may have certain health significance as coffee is one of such drink which is consumed by most of the people beside the water, & high BP is one of the dangerous disease in all around the world.

Coffee intake lowers the chances of developing the diabetes of type 2, the link between coffee intake & cardiovascular problems risk is quite difficult to understood, and further more research is required to be done in this area.

This report appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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