Cholesterol-lowering drug may also help reduce Alzheimer's risk: Experts

cholesterol lowering drug
If you are suffering from high cholesterol levels and resort to the drug ‘Statins’ to keep it under control, then here is an additional good news for you – your drug can also prevent the brain damage that leads to Alzheimer’s risk.

The cholesterol- lowering drug can thus eventually be of great help to as many as 4.5 million Americans, found to be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

And, if you are aged above 60, and is under cholesterol treatment, this drug is definitely an effective bonus.

Though, most studies have compared people who take Statin drugs to those who do not, and track Alzheimer’s rate, this new study is claimed to be the first to compare people’s brains receiving Statins with those who do not.

Alzheimer’s, the incurable and progressive brain disease that leads to dementia, can also be prevented by the drug of another disease. This may actually prove a boon to the poor nations, (from economic point of view), where both Alzheimer’s and ‘high cholesterol’ are a common problem.

Thus, this new finding and the drug can help bolster ‘prevention strategies’ for the deadly incurable neurodegenerative disease.


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