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Why some chocolate is good when you are on diet?


Alas the road to skinny town is filled with what one might call “rabbit food”. But on the other hand, everyone has a guilty pleasure they would like to treat their self with if it weren’t for the diet. Yes, we hear pleasure and our mind immediately gives us a mental picture of a dark and delicious bar of Chocolate. Yet, we look at ourselves in the mirror and with our heads hanging low and tread on through hell that entails when taking a diet plan; it is a path that any one on diet has to take with celery, carrots and leafy vegetables….

What kind of chocolate is the right type of chocolate?

Bad news for white chocolate lovers…but hey at least the glass is half full. When the cacao beans are roasted and processed then they are called cocoa beans with additives like sweeteners and cocoa butter. So, apparently the more raw the material the more good it does.

How much is too much?

Now there is a clear distinction between having a nibble here and there and gorging yourself like you were on a Choco induced high. Keep things in moderation.This is the important part of nutrient balance, as the chocolate is a rich food high on fat. You must starting thinking of food in quality rather than quantity.

Curb your Cravings

As mentioned above, the more percentage of cocoa your chocolate has the more potent it is for your weight loss. It is the additive sugar that is found in many other food items that result in weight gain.

How to eat the chocolate?

Consuming chocolate at the “all you can have” rate in a big no-no, but then again no one expects it to be.Savor the feel of chocolate on your tongue than just gulping it down like Emile the fat rat brother of the Ratatouille fame.

So, if you are a chocolate lover planning on a diet or already on a diet, having chocolate would not make a dent in your weight loss plans. You can satisfy your taste buds without feeling guilty…so bring out the Hershey.

Summary – Chocolate isn’t a bad thing even when dieting. “Nothing taste as good as being thin feels” quips Kate Moss, as women all over the world just like Jennifer Lawrence gush in response about number of things they would like to indulge that would certainly taste better than being thin….for some time.

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