Call for Article and Regular contributor for a premium health, lifestyle and wellness magazine.


Writes with distinguished expertise in healthcare, wellness, fitness and nutrition are invited to submitt exclusive articles with quality writing and educational information for a premium health, lifestyle and wellness magazine.

Featuring news, articles and special features relating to health and wellness, the Health First Magazine assesses industry developments and analyses the latest thinking around preventative and curative medicine.

Packed with essential healthcare information, the title also includes must-read items on nutrition, fitness, wellness and lifestyle management.

Please follow below guidelines while submitting your article.

– Please ensure that you are submitting an exclusive article and not violating any copyright laws.

– In order to maintain the integrity of the magazine, we have a policy on not promoting specific products or services when using externally sourced editorial content. This policy includes a general avoidance of branding. We do, of course, acknowledge where contributions come from and brief individual and corporate information can be included which will be published in the ‘author details’ box.

– *HealthFirst *is read by a wide cross section of the community, so we tend to eschew complex terminology and aim instead to explain issues in laypersons’ terms. However, we certainly don’t want you to feel constrained by this, so please write in the style that you are accustomed to.

– Please insure that you have rechecked article in terms of content, grammatical and spelling error. We are inviting only finished articles to avoid further editing work.

– Writers are invited to become regular contributor by submitting an exclusive monthly article, If you are interested please supply a head and shoulders shot of you to accompany your article, as we like to include this in the ‘author details’ box alongside your name and designation.

– Any other images that you may possess that can illustrate your article are also a great help. If submitting these, please ensure there are no copyright issues with regards to reproduction.

Morever, Healthcare business and management professionals can submit articles for Global Healthcare Network ( and for upcoming dedicated global healthcare magazine.

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