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All you need to know before getting breast implants

breast implants

Nowadays one of the most popular surgeries to improve your body figure is breast implant surgery. Over the years, more and more techniques are being evolved to suit the needs of different individuals and provide the perfect shape to your bust line, which you have been seeking ever. There are different types of breast implants present to fit into your requirement. A breast implant surgery provides your breasts with a restored better shape and brings a new charm to your personality. It can even lift up the breasts which have become soggy. The popularity of this surgery is enhancing every year and patients after the surgery find themselves more attractive. This guide to a successful breast augmentation surgery can provide you with all the basic information you need to know before undergoing this surgery and clear your doubts regarding the same.

Breast implants

Eligibility to have breast implantation done

The basic eligibility criteria to have a breast augmentation surgery done is an age of 18 years and above. If you are below 18 years of age, the guidance and authority of your parents is required for the same. You must be not be a cancer patient and in good health for the surgery. Moreover, in order to analyze the condition of your breast tissue, a mammogram is done before the surgery. The doctor discusses your medical history prior to the breast implant surgery.

Types of breast implants

Depending upon your body contours and requirements, there are number of breast implants available today depending upon the material used for filling, namely, saline, silicone, gel, and gummy bear implants. The saline implants have an elastic shell of silicone filled with sterile saline solution. The silicone implant is a silicone shell filled with silicone gel, and a gummy implant has a silicone shell filled with solidified gel.

Benefits of breast implants

Though the benefits vary from person to person, a breast implantation surgery always leaves you satisfied. The surgery improves your body contours and appearance thereby increasing your confidence. It makes you look more attractive and you find you’re a new person in this social world.

The risks and the side effects of the surgery

The anesthesia involved in this surgery brings in the risk factors. It becomes very important to have a companion to escort and take back the patient after the surgery is completed. Other than this, the basic side effects include numbness, swelling, a tingling sensation near the breast area, pain, and a sudden involuntary contraction of muscles in the breast region. Moreover, the side effects might vary from person to person and there must be a companion with you to take care of you for at least next 24 hours. A patient undergoing the surgery must be psychologically ready to bear the pain and the other side effects post surgery.

Post surgery instructions

The patient undergoing the surgery is advised to follow some instructions two weeks prior from the surgery. Post surgery, it becomes extremely important for the patient to follow all the instructions provided by the doctor. There is no excuse to not following the same. If you fail to follow these post surgery instructions, it can pose a serious harm to the surgery results and also to your medical well being. Ice packs can be applied to reduce the pain after the implantation has been done. The prescribed antibiotics and analgesics must be taken on time to hasten the recovery. A patient must avoid sleeping stomach down and must sleep in upright position in the initial time after surgery. For the best results of the surgery, the post surgery instructions are mandatory to be followed without fail.

Cost of breast implantation surgery

The price of the surgery varies from person to person depending on the choice of implants, the technique involved to implant them, the fees of the surgeon, and the number of procedures being performed on the patient simultaneously at the time of the surgery.

Consultation: The tool for successful surgery

Before undergoing the breast augmentation surgery, it is very important that you have a proper consultation with your doctor. You must clear out all your doubts regarding the surgery and satisfy yourself psychologically before undergoing the surgery. Looking out for before and post surgery photographs can help you figure out what impact it will be having on your body and how your personality is going to be groomed post-surgery. The consultation makes you ready to face the post surgery side effects and counter the risks involved.

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