Beauty tips for beautiful and plump lashes

Eyelashes play an integral role they play in our lives. They are like the protective shield that prevents dirt and other harmful particles to get into our too sensitive eyes but they have a bigger purpose in women’s lives. That important purpose is the beauty or the glamour that good and pretty eyelashes bestow upon women.


Women crave for good, long eyelashes, and some even get ready to go for cosmetic implants in order to get such eyelashes. It is not everybody’s cup of tea though to get cosmetic surgeries, so the temporary lash plumping procedures is what many women follow. Lash plumping women use to make their eyes even more attractive and sexy. Read through to find out some very effective and handy tips on lash plumping:

Do not let it smudge

Be it eyeliner, or an eye shadow that you apply, do not let it smudge. The smudge over your eyelids can drastically take away the beauty and the attractiveness of your eyes, and your eyelashes. Therefore, whenever you feel the smudge, wipe it soon, or if possible, you should use waterproof eyeliner and eye shadows, so that there is no danger of smudge.

Bend the mascara brush

Mascara is the best lash-plumping tool. To make the mascara application suitable and easy, you should bend the top of the mascara brush so that you can maneuver it with utmost ease. Doing this would enable you to take the mascara brush efficiently to the corners and sides of your eyes, which otherwise is a bit tough to do. Moreover, this position of the brush makes it super easy to apply multiple coats of mascara on both the upper and the lower lashes.

Wipe the brush on a tissue paper

Sometimes when you take out the mascara brush out of the bottle, you can see some mascara clumps on it. Those clumps make it hard to apply perfect mascara on your lashes, so it is advisable that you wipe off the mascara brush on a tissue paper, which would take out the clumps from the brush and you will be able to put on perfect mascara on your lashes, making them long and dense.

Soak it in hot water before use


If you are getting too many mascara clumps on the brush, you should put the mascara tube in hot water for sometime before use. Doing so would make the mascara liquid and thinner, rather than clumpy. This tip also comes handy when you desire to use the product until its last bit, as it loosens the mascara stuck at sides inside the bottle.

Do not forget the lower lashes


Lash plumping is equally important for the lower lashes, as much as it is for the upper lashes. It is comparatively tough to put mascara on the lower lashes, as it is more prone to leave stains on the skin but there is a trick. Put the curved side of the spoon under the lower lashes and then apply mascara. This way, the spoon would take all the stains leaving your skin stain free. This same trick you can use for upper lashes as well if you want.

Know the false lash tips

Some women wear false eyelashes that make their eyes look stunning provided they know how to wear it well. Whenever you put on faux lashes ensure that you put black eyeliner over the joint, so that it matches and does not look strange. Some find it difficult to put a long lash strip altogether, so they can cut the strip in three parts and start sticking from the outer corner to inwards.


Lash plumping is a procedure women use to make their eye lashes look long, voluminous, and attractive.

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