Aromatherapy Essential Oils cast away wrinkles?

Age has its effect on me very soon i guess that is why i can see  wrinkles that have generated on my skin .my skin has been sensitive from the start and now that wrinkles have  started appearing near my eye and cvhin area it makes me wonder that whether i am aging or not .what a pity it is to grow old so fast.but then my daughter reminded me that i was still thirty three year old and i am still very young and healthy and that wrinkles  will go away if i use some of the Aromatherapy Essential Oils . now that she has given me a solution ,iam gleeful,but what are the different types and amounts of Aromatherapy Essential Oils to be used to get rid of these nasty wrinkles?And what is the amount of Aromatherapy Essential Oils that i need to use for maximum effect?

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