7 – Tips Useful in Your Effort to Limit Your Screen Time

Limiting your screen time could be challenging. The good thing though is that it is now easier to track how much time you spend using your phone. You can decide to stop when you reach your peak. The problem when you are always in contact with your phone is that you also increase your exposure to radiation. These tips will help you reduce screen time and stay away from the effects of radiation.

1.   Always check your screen time 

You can use an app that lets you see how much time you already spent using your phone. You can include it on the main display along with the time and weather. In doing so, you will know if you already went beyond the limit. You can also have an app that notifies you if you have spent hours continuously using your phone.

2.   Remove some apps

Remove some appsYou might have tons of addictive apps on your phone. Apart from social media, you also have games. Remove them so that when you are not doing anything, you will not feel tempted to use them. You could also hide them deep in your screen so that you will only open them when necessary.

3.   Go back to old school techniques 

Smartphones can do almost anything that you did with some items before. There is no need to bring a map anymore since you can use your phone. You also do not need to use a calculator since your phone can do the job. Try to revert to these old techniques to ensure that you do not feel tempted to open your phone. They will also teach you to be patient in doing things manually.

4.   Set an hour when you do not use your phone

Set an hour when you do not use your phoneYou can set an hour or two each day when you are not doing anything with your phone. You can use the time to meditate, read a book or write a story. You need to stick with your plan and do not feel tempted to open your phone no matter what happens.

5.   Turn the airplane mode on 

When you turn your phone to airplane mode, it blocks all calls, messages, and notifications. Therefore, you will not in any way feel tempted to use your phone. You can turn the phone on later when you already finished doing your tasks.

6.   Talk with people more often

talk with someone close to you personallySince smartphones can do almost everything, including chatting with friends, many people prefer not to speak with each other anymore. It helps if you take more time to talk with someone close to you personally. Invite your friend to catch up with each other over coffee. At dinnertime, you need to stop everyone from using their phones as a rule.

7.   Use protective devices 

Even if you limit your phone use, you could still be at risk from radiation. Therefore, you need to use EMF protection. It helps in making sure that you block radiation from adversely affecting your body.

Be consistent in following these rules even if they seem difficult. 

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