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5 Things You Should Know about Daith Piercings

Daith Piercings

Piercing has been a rising trend as the years unroll; you must have definitely stumbled upon both ladies and gentlemen with piercings on their ears, noses, or even navels. Unlike other forms of piercings which have enjoyed a somewhat silent transformation from age to age, daith punching, a perforation made through the innermost cartage fold of the ear, has over the years significantly drawn the attention of many, which can be attributed to the medical value it holds. A quintuple of five things you should appreciate with regards to daith piercings include:

Daith piercings have been around since time immemorial

Different forms of piercings, including daith piercing, can be traced as far as 5 millenniums ago when they were embraced for various reasons including beautification and most importantly, healing properties. More specifically, acupuncture, which is a form of complementary medicine whereby fine needles are inserted at specific points of the skin, first came into use during the stone age.

They are a remedy for eliminating migraine pain and pressure

migrainePiercing specific parts of the ears have proved to relief of pain other peculiar parts of the body. According to this article by Health Sumo, daith piercings is an excellent remedy for annihilating migraine pain and pressure, a major reason why the practice is increasingly rising in popularity. Initially, the acupuncture treatment of the daith in association with other body parts was associated with the elimination of chronic migraines; over time, daith punching alone has been widely sought as an intervention to migraines and chronic headaches.

Daith piercings are much more costly than other forms of piercing

Unlike other forms of piercings, daith riddlings are only performed by specialists. Due to the complications associated with the process, the specialists always perform the piercings only if the set medical requirements are met. If you are contemplating undergoing the procedure which usually takes longer to complete than other forms of piercings, expect to incur at least $30 on the very lower and $80 on the upper end subject to the expertise you will consult.

They bear psychological benefits

brainAccording to acupuncture therapists, stimulating the meridian points of the ears connecting to the left and right portions of the brain not only help the brain to develop and become healthier but also boost memory. As much as this is anecdotal, this can be the main reason as to why it is usually advisable to pierce the ears of a child when he or she is still young. Atop being an intervention for migraines, daith piercing can also contribute to various psychological benefits.

Daith piercings take a much longer time to heal than traditional piercings

Finally, unlike other forms of piercings which can take approximately few days to heal, daith piercings take longer to recover, which could be roughly a four months to one year depending on the body’s healing strength as well as how your clean and take care of the wound after piercing. Overly, after undergoing the piercing procedure, it is advisable that you ask your specialists on how to take proper care of the wound.

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