4 Tips to make your lips plump naturally

Plump Lips

After Angelina Jolie being declared as the women with the sexiest lips in the world, more and more women want their lips to be plump like hers. Most of the women are taking the help of cosmetic surgery to achieve beautiful lips. Although these surgeries give good results most of the time, they have many side effects. Women have to go through all the painful procedures of the surgery, which is not easy. So, before trying the painful and expensive cosmetic surgery for your lips, read this article below to know about the natural way of plumping your lips.

1. Keep yourself hydrated

Water is very essential for the skin and also for the lips. You should drink at least eight glasses of water everyday to keep your lips soft and supple. Well-hydrated lips will definitely look smooth and plump. Application of lip balms or Vaseline regularly can improve the texture of your lips and give them a fuller appearance. Winter is a dry season and in order to give a plump look to your lips during this season, lip balms are very useful.

2. Exfoliation of lips

Like a well-exfoliated skin looks shiny and smooth, even exfoliated lips also look smooth and plump. Exfoliation removes the dead skin and increases blood circulation. This helps the lips to remain healthy and retain their natural color and texture. Exfoliation also ensures a smooth and even application of lipstick. You can either use a soft lip exfoliator or a natural exfoliator like oatmeal or sugar for your lips.

3. Application of lip liner

Lip liner can temporarily make your lips appear plump. If you use the liner properly, it will not only make your lips fuller, but also add color to them. In order to achieve the desired effect, line your lips a little outside their edge. This will increase the surface area of your lips. Now, you can fill your lips with a lipstick that easily blends with the color of your lip liner. Avoid making crooked lines with the liner. Any mistake can be easily rubbed off with a tissue.

4. Use a hair dryer

Buy a lip conditioning cream from a cosmetic store. These creams keep your lips soft for very long time and also allow you to apply a lipstick easily. In order to give a fuller effect to your lips, first apply the conditioning cream and then blow warm air with a hair dryer for 30 seconds on the lips. This will give an instant plumpness to your lips. The lip conditioning cream will also penetrate deep with the help of warm air and keep the lips supple. Take care not to set the dryer at a very high temperature, as it can damage the lips.

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