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4 Super Easy Food Recipes For Millennials And Their Hunger Pangs

Guacamole Quesadilla

Statistics around the globe tell us one thing in common. Men and women around the world – especially the ones who are just venturing out in the professional world – spend more than 1/3rd of their pay on food. Nowadays, life has turned erratically frantic, and this has resulted in minimum time on the hands of the young blood to cook a meal for themselves. Not to mention that they sleep cycle is haywire too. But in a world chocked full of competition, one has to remain healthy and fit to carry on in the race. This cannot happen without nutritious homemade meals. If you are a millennial struggling to put a pan on the stove, here are some easy food recipes that you can make on the go.

Parfait in a mason jar

Parfait in a mason jar

You wake up in the morning, finish your daily rinsing and cleansing, and before you know it, it is time to head to work. Between shuffling your feet under the sheets, hitting that snooze button several times, and getting dressed for work – you fail to find time and patience to cook a healthy breakfast and waste 30-40 minutes doing it.

If this is what your daily routine looks like, now is the time to stop skipping your breakfast or picking up packaged junk from the nearest store. Opt for a parfait.

All you have to do is take a bowl, add some frozen yogurt, some raisins, oats and a drop or two of honey, and mix. You have a healthy, nourishing breakfast ready for you, in a matter of few minutes.

And since we are talking about food recipes for millennials here, you can amp up the style factor of your breakfast by transferring it into a mason jar.

A dish of penne pasta

A dish of penne pasta

Did you know there are numerous ways to turn your delicious pasta into an equally healthy and quick meal option? Within 20 minutes, if you follow this recipe, you will have a dish of penne pasta on your table which is part delicious and part healthy.

All you need is whole-wheat pasta, some tangy tomatoes, crispy broccoli, a dash of lemon, pesto and fresh basil.

Simply cook the penne pasta as per the instructions on the packet. Boil some water in a saucepan and add broccoli to it. After a minute or two, drain the veggie and keep aside.

Saute some broccoli and tomatoes with some finely chopped garlic in the pan for a couple of minutes. Then add the pesto, lemon juice and some optional feta cheese. Toss and mix these yummy ingredients well.

Take it out on the plate and garnish with some basil leaves. You can easily find all of these ingredients at your nearest store without burning a hole in your pocket. Also, you can always customize the recipe according to the ingredients available in your house.

Penne pasta is one of the least time-consuming food recipes for millennials. It is healthy and mouthwatering at the same time. So, go for this one the next time those cruel hunger pangs hit you.

A delicious bowl of Lo-Mein

A delicious bowl of Lo-Mein

One of the most common things people do (regardless of whether they qualify as millennials or not) is order a Chinese takeout every time their stomach begins to growl and they have no time on their hands to waste inside the kitchen. And who doesn’t like stir-fried noodles?

But here is the problem with your much-loved Chinese takeout food. It is expensive if you order it on a regular basis. If you are a millennial, you are already doing that, and you also regret doing that. Plus, you don’t know how much hygiene went into cooking this sumptuous bowl.

The best thing to do is to cook your own big bowl of Lo-Mein. This might sound overwhelming, but when you realize that it requires less than 10 ingredients and can be cooked in under 15 minutes – you will surely jump in joy.

Just select the veggies you want to include in your Lo-Mein dish. It can be carrots, spring onions, bell peppers, bok choy, broccoli or even cabbage. Basically, any left-over from your fridge will do the trick.

Stir-fry these veggies (you can also add some pork, egg or tofu) in a saucepan. Boil some Lo-Mein noodles. If you cannot find those, substitute it with the regular spaghetti.

Drain the noodles and transfer the saucepan with the veggies. Toss them well. Lastly, add some soy sauce, toss again, and your dish is ready to be devoured.

As a side note, you can also add a pinch of sugar and a spoonful of sesame seeds to the veggies before stir-frying them for that tangy and crunchy effect.

Delicious bites of Guacamole Quesadilla

Guacamole Quesadilla

This is one of the easiest food recipes for millennials – because you can practically consume it as a breakfast option, as a side dish, or even as a main course. Also, you can cook this delicious dish with just 5 simple ingredients.

All you need is some flour tortillas, a cup of homemade or store-brought guacamole, cherry tomatoes, cheese (cheddar is a good option) and frozen, roasted or canned corn kernels.

Top the tortilla with the rest of the ingredients. Cover with another tortilla. Place it on a baking tray. Make sure that tray is lined with parchment paper.

Preheat the oven to 400 degree Celsius. Place the tray in the oven for at least 8-10 minutes. If you unsure about the timing calculation, take the tray out as soon as the cheese melts.

Your quesadillas are ready for you to savor. This is one of the healthiest food recipes for millennials, and it requires less time and lesser ingredients. It is a filling meal option, which you can consume on the go.

Cooking a breakfast before heading to work or standing in the kitchen, completely exhausted after a long day at work, is no longer a problem that will bother millennials. These super easy food recipes for millennials are here to rescue the young lads and girls from hitting their heads against a wall while coming up with ideas about what to eat next.

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