4 hour diet

Are you looking for a weight loss diet? If that’s the case then you might consider 4 Hour Diet. The diet has proven effective for many people around the globe due to its simple and effective guidelines.

4 Hour Diet
The diet is modern way of dieting designed by expert dieticians for the people who wish to lose weight rapidly. Dieters have been able to lose more than 15 pounds within 30 days by following 4 Hour Diet. The diet certainly does not mean that you will be losing weight within 4 hours so don’t get confused with the name.

Guidelines of 4 Hour Diet

  • Always eat small meals. Dieters must eat same food for a particular meal every day.
  • Dieters are recommended to stay away from all kinds of white carbs. Don’t go for tortilla, bread, potatoes, cereal, rice and pasta.
  • Elimination of fruits from your diet is a must. Yes that’s right, you are recommended to eliminate fruits from your diet. It may seem odd but that’s the way 4 Hour Diet works.
  • Most beverages are filled with calories. Soft drinks, fruit juices and milk are heavily loaded with calories. You must avoid consuming these beverages or at least restrict them to a certain amount.
  • Have 1 day in a week where you are allowed to eat anything you want. It will help in burning fat rapidly and cater your food cravings.

That’s all you need to do if you wish to lose 15 pounds in a month. You are recommended to follow a regular exercise routine along the diet to make your efforts more effective.

Breakfast – Black beans, one whole egg, scrambled egg whites and mixed veggies.

Lunch – Mixed veggies, chicken thigh and black beans.

Dinner – Lentils, mixed veggies, organic beef with glass of red wine.

You may opt the menu mentioned above to gain maximum results by following 4 Hour Diet.

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