4 Easy steps to make dusky skin look beautiful


Dusky skin, once derided and disrespected, has gained the status of being a symbol of absolute beauty and charm today. There were times when dark complexions were looked down upon. Nonetheless, today people are in a rush to get themselves tanned or obtain a dusky complexion in order to stand out of the crowd and gather attention. However, darker skin comes with its own complications. It is quick to respond to dryness during winters and sunburns or strokes during summers. More so, at times it tends to give a brittle appearance leading to rashes and itches. Thus, it calls for essential skin care. Here are 4 simple tips to make your dusky skin look even more beautiful.

1. Use Lukewarm Water

Instead of showering under extremely hot or massively cold water, make use of lukewarm water every time you bathe or even wash your face. This will prevent your skin from getting dry as both, hot and cold waters completely extract the essential moisturizing elements out of your skin. Moreover, make use of a moisturizing lotion daily to keep your skin enriched with healthy nutrients. Look specifically for products which contain Aloevera, Vitamin D or Vitamin E.

2. Try baby Oil

Baby oil, owing to its nourishing capacities, is just the right choice for your skin. Take a little water and thoroughly mix several drops of this oil therein. Now, massage your entire body with this mixture in light, careful strokes. Keep it on for sometime and then wipe it off with a cotton towel in slow pats. This will keep your skin adequately moisturized and nourished.

3. Exfoliation

Removal of dead skin from your body is clinically termed as exfoliation. This can be done either at home or by a professional. Nevertheless, if you prefer the former, use a mixture of sugar syrup with almond oil. With a loofah, apply this mixture to your body and gently wipe away the dead skin cells. You may also try the same measure with body scrubs which are easily available in the market today.

4. Lotion Treatment

Do not go in for lotions without checking for their constituents. See the ingredients properly and make sure there is no presence of alcohol in the lotion. Alcohol instantly rashes your skin. Lotions with Aloe and natural herbs are considered preferable for a healthy skin.

By adhering strictly to the simple tips mentioned above, not only would you be able to make your skin look beautiful but you would also add sheer charm, absolute elegance and instant attraction to it.


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