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3 Revolutionary hair removal techniques



It is a natural trait of human beings to grow hair throughout the evolution process. It was a protective layer for our ancestors but in today’s world the trend and requirement has changed. It is a necessity to get rid of unwanted hair on your body and you would definitely like to remove it at some time or the other. It is better to remove the unwanted hair for hygiene purpose. There are few popular and revolutionary ways to get rid of your unwanted hair which has given a fresh and neat look to the human kind.

1. Shaving


Shaving is the shortest way to remove your unwanted hair. You just need a razor and you are smooth. However, you have to be more frequent if you practice shaving to get rid of hair. You can perform the shaving while in the shower. Shaving is not a very good idea for this purpose because it leaves the skin dry and red if done on daily basis. So if you go for this option keep enough gaps in between each shave to give a relaxation period for that area’s skin.

2. Epilators and Waxing


Epilators are an inexpensive and effective option to go for. The immediate demerit of the epilators is that they can not be used below the pubic bone. These hair removal creams are available in comfortable packs where you just have to roll it two ways to get rid of the undesired hair.

Waxing is a reliable and comparatively long term solution. It lasts from four to eight weeks depending on the pace at which your hair grows.Your skin feels delicate after waxing up. The area where you have waxed can be a little itchy when the new hair grows after waxing. The negative point of waxing is that it does not take out small hairs or the underskin hairs and hence does not give you a completely neat look.. If you have been shaving up your hair earlier and now you decide to go for waxing, mind you it is going to hurt a lot. However, drawback of shaving is that the area at which it is practiced becomes hard.

3. Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are very popular and favorable because it removes the hair permanently and hence it is never a tension again. It takes you to undergo a few laser treatments and you never have to be bothered about cleaning up the hair from that area again. It is a costly option but a durable and efficient one.

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