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10 Recession proof beauty tips to look younger



The price of cosmetics and toiletries are rising every day. It is becoming extremely difficult for everybody to go for a skin treatment or hair treatment to a salon on a regular basis. On the other hand, opting for several beauty products to carry on the same at home is also not much an economical solution as the dear prices of these products tend to burn holes in the pockets of the middle class population of the society. Predictions are that the prices will go even higher, making some products too expensive to afford. But does that mean you really have to forget about beauty regime? Moreover, in the time of recession when there is a world wide monetary crisis it is becoming difficult to avail costly treatments and products. But there are certain pocket-friendly ways by which you can carry on with your beauty regime and retain your youthful look. Consider some of them:

1. Treatments for puffy eyes

Eyes and the areas under the eyes show age marks more prominently than any other part of the face. They show that your have aged by means of crow’s feet, wrinkled skin, fine lines and dryness. Among all these signs of aging, one thing that needs to be taken care of with priority are the dark circles. Although this is not a predominant mark of aging, but it definitely tends to make one look older. An easy method to cure dark circles without spending much money is to get hold of the used tea bags. Soak these tea bags in lukewarm water and squeeze them dry. Now close our eyes and place them over your eyes and wait for sometimes. When you remove them and open our eyes again you will feel refreshed and the puffiness will be gone. Done regularly, the dark circles will also reduce.

1. Voluminous eye lashes for that younger appeal

Lush and voluminous eye lashes always make one look younger. They look further beautiful when the are curled. If you go to the salon for shaping and styling your lashes and treating them regularly, it will be quite expensive to afford. Therefore, it is always better to buy a parlor instrument that curls the eye lashes, from a good cosmetics store, which will cost you much lesser as compared to going to a parlor for the purpose. Hold the base of your lashes with this curler for some times and give three gentle pumps consecutively. In order to make it more permanent, preheat the lash curler with a blow drier set at maximum temperature and then use it.

3. Remove yellowish stains on teeth

Yellowish strains on teeth look embarrassing. This mars your beauty as well as make you look older. But going to a dentist regularly to remove your stains is a costly affair. The teeth whiteners and the post flossing treatment is quite expensive too. Again, going for such chemical treatments is always not good for the teeth too and tend to eat away the enamel and expose the dentine with time, leading to problems of sensitive teeth. So, a convenient solution to try at home is to prepare home remedies and rub it over your teeth.

4. Care for the lips

The effect of aging is also felt on the lips. The lips start becoming thin, dry, peeled and dark in color. It is important to take care of your lips on a regimented way to keep them looking nourished and plump. Dab on a few drops of any vegetable or herbal oil and massage regularly. Also avoid dark lip colors and stick onto those shades that look natural.

5. Products that improve skin

Face powder is a makeup item that is used quite often by women. It curbs the shine on the face imparted by natural oils. But as you age, your skin starts becoming dry as the effectivity of the sebaceous glands recede and therefore, the production of natural oils start decreasing naturally. Hence, stay away from face powders now as that will further dry up your skin, making the fine lines and wrinkles visible. Invest on products that are creamy and oil. Thus, you save on the additional cost of compact powers now.

6. Hide your pigmentation spots

Pigmentation is the appearance of small spots all over the face, which look extremely ugly. These are pigmentation marks. This is an obvious mark of aging that aggravate with time. The first thing to do to look younger in to hide these blemishes with concealer pencils. Choose a shade lighter for the color of your concealer and blend well.

7. Remove sun tanned patches

Suntanning makes the skin look old. Excessive and regular exposure to sun can also make the skin dry and wrinkled, which will make you look even more older than your age. So, stay away from sun and use an umbrella while outdoors. Instead of costly anti tanning treatments at the parlors, use raw milk as a scrubber for your face and see how fast tanning vanishes.

8. Make hair look thicker

With age hair tends to become thin and the forehead recedes. It also becomes frizzy, making you look really old. Going to parlor for hair treatment in such a situation is costly. So apply a hair mousse at home. Now, blow dry your hair by bringing in all hair towards our face by turning our head. Hair will look voluminous.

9. Home spa for your hair

In order to fight age, you might often visit parlor for hair spa and spend loads of money. But switching over to jojoba oil massage for your scalp at home, followed by a hot towel wrap, works wonders. It is a great replacement and an economical way to have a treatment at your home.

10. Make hair breathe

With age the hair follicles become weak and lack shine. Thus, you can enliven them at home by switching your hair drier at cool mode and giving your hair occasional shots of natural air.

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