10 Fantastic solutions to deal with stress


Mental stress and anxiety can be attributed to many factors. It may be related to work, money, relationships, etc. However, this may vary according to the nature and mental strength of the person. We all live in a stressful world. In this busy life and hectic schedule, it is difficult to escape from the nerve wracking circumstances. Recent surveys report that the ailments related to mental and physical stress and strain are increasing day by day, especially among the youths. Stress-related problems badly affect our mind. It leads to depression and various other psychological disorders. Here are some handy tips to deal with stress and strain.

1. Laugh out loudly

Don’t worry, just try to forget your worries regarding the work, family etc. and relax. It is time to enjoy. Laugh as much as you can. It is the best remedy of all worries which cause stress and strain. While laughing a lot of oxygen goes to the cells, slowly you may feel that you are relaxed and happy. If you are unable to laugh loudly, then you can join laughing sessions also.

2. Be an animal lover

If there is somebody for you to love and pamper, nothing can disturb your mental health. When you pat gently on the back your pet your body automatically secretes good hormones like serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin, etc. and these hormones act as stress reliever. Pets give you unconditional love. It can surely improve your mental health by increasing immunity and reducing anxiety.

3. Clean the clutter

Avoid clutter; it leads to negative thoughts and a negative energy. According to Chinese feng shui, a space which is surrounded by many stuffs and unwanted things can affect your mind negatively. A clean and clear space with plenty of fresh air will definitely reduce your mental strain. So keep your house and office clean and tidy.

4. Mow the lawn

It sounds like a pretty easy garden tip to beautify your garden, but it can release your stress and strain. You need not always depend upon the gardener to mow the lawn. You can do it yourself. When you work, the fresh green garden grasses will produce a smell, which can block the production of stress hormone. So gardening is not only a hobby, but it is also a solution to deal with stress and strain.

5. Drink juices

Juices are all-time favorites. Fruits like orange, apple, grapes, strawberry, etc. are known for their health enhancing capacity. The available vitamins in these fruits can enhance the beauty and glow of your skin. But do you know about the stress releasing properties of fruits? The researchers say that the fruits that contain Vitamin C can block the stress hormones. So have fruits and fruit juices in plenty.

6. Sing a song or listen to music

It is the best solution to get out from the stress and anxious thoughts. So be relaxed and just sing out loudly. A soothing music helps in relieving stress.

7. Take a walk

Walking increases the level of endorphins in our body. Endorphins are known to reduce the sensation of pain and affect emotions. You can go for a walk regularly.

8. Chew some gum

It is a wonderful idea to chew gums for stress releasing. We know that chewing gums can refresh your breath. New studies report that you can release a lot of stress through this chewing process. If you chew the gums regularly, diseases like diabetics and cholesterol can be avoided. So it is a sweet and easy tip to get rid of stress, right?

9. Have sex

Sex plays an important role in reducing tension. Besides enhancing intimacy with the partner having sex is a best way to deal with stress and strain. It reduces the secretion of stress hormones and relaxes your mind and body.

10. Take a deep breath

Finally, the ultimate solution is to practice deep breathing exercises. Yoga and naturopathy provide a lot of stress releasing tips. Breath is an important factor which influences your mind. Take a deep breath whenever you feel stressed. Deep breathing increases oxygen flow, and it soothes the mind and body.

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