10 Beauty tips to follow at night

Bed time beauty regime

Beauty is one of the greatest assets we are blessed with by nature. It’s exposed to pollution, sun rays, a layer of make up etc almost every day. If you can invest a little bit of time before you hit the sack, you can get a flawless skin, you always desired. Listed here are tips for simple beauty regime.

1. Sleep

Proper sound sleep is very essential. After an activity packed tiresome day, you need to relax yourself sufficiently and get good sleep. The body’s vital functionings take place when you are sleeping. Many enzymes and hormones get activated when you sleep, dead cells are also replaced and your skin is rejuvenated. This whole process is hindered if you have a disturbed sleep and so you find yourself dragging through a lazy morning. If insomnia is your problem then try listening to music, taking a bath or reading a book which may induce sleep.

2. Bedding

The bedding materials should be assessed. Satin materials reduce friction against your skin, reducing hair breakage and skin creases.

3. Diet

What you eat shows on your skin. So, a proper and balanced diet is very essential. The various functions that your body performs during the night need various minerals, essential oils, vitamins. A balanced and wholesome diet provides the body with these essentials. This will help you gain skin which needs little care.

4. Bath

Before you finally call it a night, you need to ensure that you have unwound yourself. Your tensed body muscles need to relax and a warm water bath is very helpful in this regard. This also helps you to get rid of the dirt and other impurities and helps your skin to breathe freely and function properly.

5. Moisturization

It is very essential to moisturize your skin after a bath. A bath takes away the essential oils from your skin by dehydrating it. So, you need to moisturize your skin adequately. This also helps combat the harm done to your skin through exposure to sun, wind, pollution and other harsh weather conditions. The sweet aroma of the moisturizer also has a sleep inducing power.


You should refrain from using any cream or lotion apart from the one which moisturizes your skin.

7. Exercise

Regular exercising is almost indispensable to gain that perfect skin. Make it a routine to exercise and take a bath before you finally hit the bed.

8. Fluids

Along with a healthy diet make sure that a lot of fluids go into your body. Like creams and lotions moisturize you internally, water hydrates you from within. You should keep drinking plain water throughout the day. You can also include fruit and vegetable juices in your diet.

9. Comfort

Comfortable sleep is very essential to enjoy undisturbed and sound sleep. Make sure you are not cramming yourself or are in an uncomfortable position. You should be able to spread out.

10. Lips

Lip is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. It also does not have sebaceous glands like the rest of our skin. Applying lip balm will highly benefit the lips and keep them from getting chapped.

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