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Top technology in mobiles that we are bored with

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Though the high end mobile phones look modern, slimmer, elegant and taller the phones are loaded with lot of applications that tend to make the phone slower and slower. The new technologies that are been used in the phones are in grave doubt among people.The new operating systems tend to pose some problems for users as well. The different features are boring according to many people.


Boring games

The games that are loaded in the phones tend to be very boring as well as very monotonous. Not only that, it also helps to divert children’s attention to something that is not worth it. What is more that they do not have any other work except gaming on the mobile phones? This gradually becomes very boring and very tiring as well for children.


Internet surfing

Internet surfing may sound to be very exciting in the very first moment. However as time passes, internet surfing becomes very boring and monotonous. There is no other work excepting to surf for music’s, movies, games and other applications such as the BBM, Wats app, face book and many others.

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The different kind of tech stuff that is available in the phones has become all the same and very boring as well. What is more is that people always tend to stick to their phones all the time, knowing not what to do. This makes them a couch back and lazy as well.


The Wi Fi technology

The Wi Fi technology seems to be a very modern and updated technology. However what is most amazing is that half of the places do not have Wi Fi connectivity. That makes the phone sometimes nothing more than a gadget for talking and messaging.

The Wats app and the other software’s like face book and the rest can be surfed from the computer as well and that is why they have become boring when it comes to having it in the mobile.

In all, a mobile which was used for talking and messaging is what it should be like. Different kinds of technologies are making the mobile a toy and nothing else.


Nowadays people are coming up with different kind of mobile technologies. Apart from calling and messaging phone users are also coming up with different kind of mobile applications like games, software’s, and different applications which are nowadays found in phones. However there are some applications that we are bored with so much usage .These are some of the following.

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