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Things to know before you go surfing the dark web

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The internet as we know it is a vast expanse of information just waiting to be tapped into. It gives us access to all the information we want from anywhere in the world. However, not many know that there is another area of the internet that is not that easily accessible by the ordinary individual. These areas belong to the part of the internet called the Deep Web and Dark Web.

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While the Deep Web makes up 90% of the WWW that is not accessed by search engines, the Dark Web is a part of the Deep Web that can only be accessed by specialized browsers. If you are having thoughts of entering the foreboding world of the Dark Web, here are some essential pointers you need to consider beforehand.

You need a separate console and network for the dark web


Given the rate at which the intelligence of dark web crimes is increasing, you simply cannot risk researching about it on an existing office computer or network. Research on the dark, deep web warrants a separate computing environment that has a computer and network that do not link back to the organization.

Otherwise you will be putting critical information regarding the company as well as your personal life (including private functions and personal banking) at great risk of being hacked and misused.

You will also need to download software to access the dark web. Some other things you need include a VPN provider (which you need to acquire anonymously), a cash or card activated burner phone and burner email accounts without PII using your burner phone to validate the same. This could cost you some serious money, so be sure that you really want to do research on the dark web before deciding to splurge on it.

You can browse safely with directories

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Downloading a specific browser will not be enough to access the dark web. You will need information about the specific links you want to visit for the information you need. The safest bet in this case is to go to these links via directories like Hidden Wiki.

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You will get access to plenty of links to Onion websites in these directories while ensuring you get access to other services like secure social networks and secure email accounts as well.

Be wary of legal hassles


The dark web is usually used, operated and controlled by criminals indulged in all sorts of illegal activities. This is probably why you are bound to get some stares and frowns when you voice out your intention of researching it. Even companies with the highest security measures are apprehensive when it comes to accessing the dark web.

Accessing the dark web means you need to create a fake persona and get in touch with these criminals in order to gain access to the information you want. So be prepared to face warnings about legal hassles by everyone who will start doubting your credibility the moment you talk about accessing the dark web.

Be prepared to have your moral boundaries tested

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The dark web is filled to the hilt with black markets and sites that can only be accessed by those with enough technical knowledge. However, there are ways this is possible, including downloading a specialized browser like Tor that will let you have access to the dark web in minutes. You can then purchase some bitcoins anonymously and be all set to but anything in the black market.

Anything from hacking guides and sale vulnerabilities to personal identity packages and even stolen credit cards can be found on the dark web. If that doesn’t translate to breaking the law enough, then your moral boundaries will surely be tested when you find out that gaining access to most of the black market communities in the dark web will require you to flout legal rules and make false statements more than once.

The dark web is that area of the internet that is hardly accessible unless you have the technological know-how to do it. It is also that part of the internet that needs to be accessed only after you take a few important points like security, safety, morality and legal hassles into consideration.

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