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These 10 useful Google chrome extensions will simplify your life

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It has been almost ten years since the Google Chrome was launched in 2008 and today it has perhaps become the definitive browser application, eclipsing even Mozilla and Explorer. It is an incredible application not just because of its user-friendly interface but also because its third party extensions are an absolute delight and incredibly helpful. These extensions can easily be added to the Chrome interface and utilized by a user on a daily basis.

These 10 useful Google chrome extensions will simplify your life

Here are ten useful extensions of Google Chrome that you ought to be aware of if you use the browser. They can easily be downloaded from the Chrome web store and managed by utilizing the menu icon in the upper right hand corner of the browser. Simple and precise.


One of the most popular extension applications is the StayFocused app which makes sure you do not get distracted by everything the internet has to offer. This app allows you to set time specific restrictions on websites like Facebook or YouTube with a 10 minute default option.


Another application to make you feel guilty for the amount of time wasted online is called RescueTime which tells you exactly how much time you are spending on a specific website. You can take a proactive approach by slowly reducing your time spent on a certain website- This “self monitoring” aspect of the app can help with productivity.

Google Dictionary

One of the most popular extensions is the Google dictionary which makes looking up words a breeze. A simple click will get you a definition of the word, and you also get a detailed explanation by clicking the embedded link. Google dictionary is a must have extension and it also improves your vocabulary.

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Similar to the dictionary application, Grammarly is another popular app that assists with grammatical errors and mistake correction. User friendly and easy to use, Grammarly is becoming a must have addition to the chrome browser.


Sidenotes is a great addition to the Chrome and especially popular among college and school assistance.  Sidenotes, upon opening launches a blank notepad on the sidebar which makes it easier to jolt down notes without the need to switch between different windows. It is also connected to Dropbox wherein the created notes are automatically saved.


Gmail has become the de-facto email server much like the Chrome, and Boomerang is a great application to have that connects to your Gmail account and keeps a track of everything from sent mails to saved drafts. Many Gmail users use Boomerang simultaneously.

Tab Wrangler

Tab Wrangler is another app that simplifies your internet time. It automatically closes inactive tabs, which can get distracting, as most of us are aware. If the closed tab is required, Tab wrangler has a recovery option also.

Last Pass: Free Password Manager

If remembering words and numbers is a concern to you, then Last Pass is a great extension to have on your Google chrome- but with a twist. Last Pass generates a new, secure password each time you log into a website. All you must do is after installation, create a list of all the websites you need passwords for and fill them in Last Pass.


If you use many devices to connect your Google accounts (as most do nowadays) Pushbullet is a great extension to have as it allows a quick linking between all the devices. Every notification link or file can be shared or displayed with PushBullet. It is one of the most underrated and useful extensions that you can discover.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a helpful extension that keeps intrusive, annoying advertisements from interrupting your flow of work. A basic setup and configuration will make this app sit nicely on your Chrome interface and discreetly work at keeping those ads away.

There are many other extensions for Google Chrome which will not just make things easier for you, but will also help with productivity. These are the most popular, well known ones but there is a reason the Google Chrome has become the browser of choice and it is because there are so many extensions to discover and utilize.

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