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The Revolution of 4G


You must have about the latest buzz word, 4G. In the field of telecommunications, 4G simply means the fourth generation of mobile phone and communications technology standards. 4G is said to provide higher rates of wireless data transfer on mobile phones. This means that mobile phones which make use of 4G technology will see faster download as well as upload speeds. Video downloading and viewing online would be faster and users will no longer need to wait for long periods of time for the files to buffer and load.

Enhanced mobility brought about by 4G means that almost anyone with access to it will be able to connect wirelessly to the World Wide Web and access information at finger tips, regardless of location. The benefit this technology brings to everyday life can be judged from the last standard derived by the ITU; data transfer through internet protocol. Technology over the years has improved so much that Web 2.0, social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook have all become household names. However, these applications need stable network and high upload and download speeds. This is where 4G can be said to be a revolution. With extremely high speeds, the concept of these applications can change tremendously. Cloud computing will greatly benefit with 4G networks owing to the ease at which mobile networking can be carried out. Coupled with portability and high speeds, computing applications will see a boost. Cloud computing will then convert regular smartphones into powerful, portable mini laptops. Given the increasing importance placed on mobility and the heavy reliance on Internet connections for all aspects of life, 4G will inevitably be a welcomed member of every family.

Smartphones are increasingly becoming popular among consumers. As they increase in power and capability, user demand also proportionately increases. Through the introduction of 4G networks, limitations in computing and mobile working are eliminated. The latency on 4G networks is expected to reduce considerably. As such, through utilizing faster throughput that has lower latency, mobile phones can benefit from improved battery life as well. After all, battery life is a common concern for smartphone users.

At the moment, 4G is still an infant technology. As such, it is still in the process of gathering loyalists. Having said this, there is definitely room for more evolution for 4G technology. Any glitches currently present on this network is likely to be eased out as more development work takes place on the technology. Nonetheless, 4G connections have the potential to greatly enhance mobile computing right from the smartphones. No doubt, the journey into the future of 4G is a long one and will definitely bring about more surprises. From the era of restricted frequency bands, and the evolution of wireless spectrum above 30GHz, 4G network is definitely a huge development in the telecommunication industry.


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