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The future of fashion technology looks bright with the internet of things

Internet of things is about a connected world of technology that has the power to alter the fashion sense of people in a unique way. As you may have heard of wearable technology, you would also understand the future concept of clothing that is connected to Internet.

While it is not much in sight at fashion shows or celeb events, connected clothing may soon become a competitive platform for fashion designers and others connected to the field of fashion. Let us see what Internet of things may bring forth to us.

How connected clothing can rock the fashion world

glowing dresses 1

The potential of technology is high in the fashion industry. While we have already seen LED clothing, the next we may witness are some interesting experiments with connected dresses. Internet of things is there to make you look beautiful and special.

It can give you that kind of a fashion statement, which can make your clothing more gorgeous and tech-oriented. For instance, you may expect to see some color-changing dresses that are equipped with embedded sensors.

Similarly, there could be hug shirts that link to Bluetooth. Such a shirt may allow you to hug someone wearing it at a distance. With all different types of sensors, the experiments may go crazier. Connected or communicative clothing has a lot of scope in near future. However, it will also be interesting to see how people accept such ideas linked to Internet of things.

The future of fashion with Internet of things

iPhone dress by Elie Tahari

Image Source : AbcNews

Although wearable technology has mostly been accepted in the form of smartwatches and fitness trackers, several fashion designers have also started exploring it now. They are looking forward to give fashion a new meaning and style in future with Internet connectivity. They also want their clothing to be smarter and more intriguing.

Following the same line of thought, Tinker Bell has come up with their designs of innovative wearable tech in the form of glowing dresses. Similarly, the last year’s New York Fashion Week displayed a complete shocker in the form of iPhone dress by Elie Tahari.

Another standout is a 4k gemstone-studded headdress designed by Lauren Bowker at The Unseen. This dress can observe your brain activity and display your states of thought process in varied colors.

One more future inspiration comes in the form of dresses by CuteCircuit that can even show tweets. Matt Drinkwater, a professor at the London College of Fashion and the head of the Fashion Innovation Agency, believes that such creations have been setting the benchmark for a remarkable future of the fashion industry.

Suit your fashion sense in future

wearable tech in the form of glowing dresses

Image Source : Cdn1.Wtvox.Com

With the above kind of experiments, the future of connected clothing seems so bright that you would soon be able to make custom purchases to suit your fashion sense. You can expect to find such Web-based software in future that will be able to build a comprehensive network of suppliers, producers, and clients. Additionally, you can expect to see the fashion world full of connected sensors.

However, there can be many challenges on this fashionable journey. For instance, electronics would need to go smaller in size so these could be used discreetly inside the clothing. Similarly, the washing of such dresses would be an issue.

Designers might have to come up with such smart clothing that can be hand-washed or dry cleaned in some manner. Thus, the possibilities and challenges are endless with Internet of things. It is still to be seen how you would be able to suit things to your fashion sense.

Internet of things can make several interesting changes in the future of fashion technology. Considering the connected clothing being designed at the moment, many possibilities might turn real in near future.

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