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SportsYapper: Discuss the game with your social network buddies in real time

Back in the good old days, before real-time replaced real life, people talked about sports face to face or used the telephone to discuss it with someone not physically present with them. In the modern world where virtual presence has replaced hanging out with your buddies and the joys of watching a game together are behind us. In this very bizarre world, a smartphone app that lets you discuss the intricacies of a game seems like the next logical step in the evolution of the sports fan.

SportsYapper lets you yap about your favorite sports in real-time

The SportsYapper is one such fun app that lets you have “real-time” conversations about a game as it unfolds with your social networking buddies. To use, simple download the app and login with your Facebook ID. The welcome screen split into four tabs called Alerts, Game On!, Teams and All Yapps would then allow you to initiate a new Yapp about a game you like. You can them post your message and wait for other yappers to join in on the conversation.

SportsYapper lets you yap about your favorite sports in real-time

Think of it like the chatrooms of yore offered with customized content. If you’re watching a live game along, you can post a Yapp and follow the game along with live discussions with other fans watching the same game around the world. The SportsYapper for Android and the SportsYapper for iOS can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store.

Via: AndroidAuthority

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