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Photo editing plugins are very useful as they add valuable functionality to the associated photo editor. These plugins are available for popular photo editing software tools such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, IrfanView and GIMP. There are a number of amazing plug-ins that are available at cost effective prices, while some are free. The photo editing plug-ins are judged by their capabilities in image editing and compatibility with the host photo editor.

Here are the top seven photo editing plug-ins that you can make use of, to enhance your images and photos:

1. Pro Canvas

ProCanvas is a free and useful plug-in that can replace Photoshop’s standard dialog box to an enhanced and customized size. It offers two modes of canvas size, the Absolute mode and the Relative mode. While the absolute mode simply enhances the Photoshop canvas with all its capabilities, the relative mode allows you to crop and resize the canvas by a specified number of units, according to your requirements. It gives you a wide range of choice in measurements, such as percentage, pixels, millimeters and centimeters. ProCanvas works well with all versions of Photoshop, including CS and CS2 on the Windows operating system.

2. VanDerLee Night Vision

This is an ultimate plug in for adding a night vision effect in your photo editing tool.The images produced are crystal clear and give a stunning effect. What’s more, the Vanderlee Night Vision is compatible with most of the photo editing softwares, such as Photoshop, Irfan View and Paint Shop Pro. It comes with a variety of sliders to enhance the night effect to your own whims and liking. Other options, such as scan color, feedback and raster intense allow you to play with your images until you are satisfied with the result. It is a free plug in and definitely a great one to have if you are an avid photographer.

3. Adjust

Adjust is a mind blowing plug in from Topaz Labs that gives you an edge in photo effects by offering a plethora of enhancement features and unlimited recovery. It can correct under-exposure and restore lost details with minimum effort. With a single image you can apply HDR minutes in a blink of an eye. Basic photo pops, vibrant color effects warm to cool adjustments are other functionalities available in Adjust. The grunge effect is a great way to customize grunge presets, grains and vignettes. Priced at approximately $ 49.99, the Adjust plug in can make a drab image look dynamic and outstanding. There are more than 30 presets to choose from for a smoother and more creative workflow.

4. Power Retouche Saturation

This is a Photoshop plug-in suite with an assortment of image editing features and top quality photo retouching capabilities. It enables you to experiment with innovative retouching methods that are delightfully exciting. You can tone your color and black&white photos with nine preset tones such as sepia, silver gelatin, platinum, palladium and others. Simply adjust the preset tones and watch your photos turn into unique beauties with Power Retouche. You are given full control over all aspects of dynamic range correction so that you can give shadow effects, adjust saturation and threshold. This great plug in behaves akin to a soft lens filter and can correct lens distortion too. Sharpening, radial density correction, contrast and exposure correction are other areas of functionalities on the Power Retouche interface.

5. Nik Sharpener Pro

As the name suggests, this plug in is a natural sharpening application that helps photographers get perfect results in record time. The power and precision of sharpening can only be believed when seen. It’s automatic, high quality capabilities help to optimize your images for printing. The advantage of the Nik sharpener pro is that it allows you to restrict sharpening to only some of the color portions of your images, without distorting the rest of the image. RAW files are no exception as they can be subjected to sharpening too. Its intuitive interface is easy to use and is a delight to work with. Nik Sharpener Pro is the right plug in if you want to impress your friends with amazing effects in photography.

6. ReMask

ReMask is one of the quickest and easiest methods to create multiple cut outs for unique compositions. It is a great masking tool that can extract intricate image details from a photo such as hair and fur. Moreover, you can maintain transparency and isolate areas for selective adjustments. ReMask makes difficult masking situations look facile with its wide range of masking capabilities and thereby saves your time and effort. Detailed masks and extractions are achieved with a precision unmatched by other masking tools. It also offers a two-screen display.

7. DXO Optics Pro

If you are an avid fan of digital photography, then the DXO Optics Pro plug in is a must to have on your desktop. This amazing plug in brings out the best in your digital images by applying unlimited photo effects in various combinations of your choice and discretion. You can use DXO to give a retro look to your images or give it a Polaroid charm according to your fantasy. There are more than 60 authentic film renderings and 25 creative ones. Color, contrast, saturation are all made easy with DXO Optics Pro. This plug in is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

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