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Sony annouces A820 Walkman Series to be launched in Japan

sony to launch new phone series

We can see the use of portable media players is on the rise with companies trying to load as many features and enhancement as they can to these small and useful devices. The choices of such devices are plenty in the market and while big players like Apple, Creative and Sony fight an electronic war, the user gets the best. A classic example is the announcement from Sony to launch its new walkman A820 Series.

The rocking Sony A820 walkman series is going to flash a solid flash memory of 16 GB along with its superb noise cancellation function. The only other size available in this series is one with an 8 GB memory capacity and comes in only two colors, silver and black. There are a couple of accessories like mini-speakers and recording function cradle, which make it even more attractive.

Sporting a slightly bigger QVGA screen of 2.4 inches, it will have a video capacity of up to 30fps. Equipped with Bluetooth, which its predecessors A910 series didn’t have, it will also have a greater battery performance of up to amazing 36 hours audio and 10 hours video play time. While supporting MPEG-4 and H.264/AVC video files and MP3, WMA, ATRAC, AAC audio formats, it is also capable of video display at up to 30fps. Its other features include an FM tuner, recorder, and built in antennas.

To be launched only in Japan, the A820 will be priced at around JPY 28,000 ($259) for the one with 8GB memory and JPY 38,000 ($352) for the 16 GB one.

I have always been a little partial towards Sony, so all I can wish is that it get a global launch soon.

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