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Social Media Impact on Brand Marketing & Advertising


In this online era where everyone has an online presence, it is no longer surprising that even businesses are tapping on this to advertise their products and services and market their brand. Owing to the popularity of the internet, big and small businesses have realized the power it beholds. Social media can be said to be the most effective and inexpensive tool to engage in brand marketing and advertising. This article lists some major impacts that social media technology has on brand marketing and advertising.

Firstly, social media technology calls for innovations. Since many businesses have an online presence, the competition is also tough. As such, innovations and keeping abreast of latest technological advancements are required. Given that social technology and mobile networking have become so vital for businesses, agencies and brands are compelled to hire technology and innovation managers. These people are required to help businesses stay at the top of brand marketing strategies and advertising techniques. They help the businesses stand out of the competition and promote branding. These people are also essential in spearheading projects that will be implemented within the organization.

Social media technology also promotes visibility for brands. When businesses are involved in social networking tools, their brands can be created in a very unique fashion. There are greater opportunities for brands to go viral and reach a wider base of audience. Social media networking can help the businesses connect directly with their clients and also advertise to garner a bigger clientele base.

Adoption of social media technology will also go beyond merely increasing brand performance. Responsibilities can be consolidated while increasing efficiency and removing marginal staff hours.  Such innovation in operations will lead to the creation of more and more start ups  Existing big agencies as well as Fortune 500 brand marketing teams will then have to reassess their organizational structures so that they can keep up with the competition in the industry.

Social media marketing definitely represents the future of marketing and is probably the approach that companies, existing and new ones will take for many years to come. After all, social media technology which helps with marketing presents an efficient and affordable cost as well as personal way of reaching out to a company’s target audience. Organizations which seek to stand out of the competition and lead their industry in this era of online marketing is bound to embrace this avenue for enhancing brand image and to advertise the products and services in offer.

As such, social media technology can be said to be highly influential in changing the way brand communication is done. Social media is consistently revolutionizing the way consumers interact with brands they want to associate with. Unlike the traditional passive involvement which traditional media offers, the social media offers a more than excellent platform for companies to engage with the consumers in a didactic relationship which is a lot more meaningful.


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