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Sensoria Fitness Socks: Wearables for health trackers

Sensoria Fitness has come up with its special tech wearable that has been designed to save your soles. While you may have witnessed a variety of wearables for tracking several health factors, here is something that tells you about your running technique. Check out what this device called the Sensoria Fitness smart socks is all about.



These smart socks track your fitness by studying your running activity and giving you relevant feedback of help. Not every running technique is healthy for your legs, knees, and the rest of the body. To prevent your soles and legs, it is essential to detect the right running technique that does not cause sports injuries or health troubles. This wearable anklet can support this task nicely. It not only checks your stride length, speed, steps taken, cadence and foot striking position/time, but also analyzes all this data in real time to coach you.

You can receive detailed statistics about the pressure being created on your foot at varied points. This is very useful in understanding when your foot is in a poor position and requires form correction. The device gives you relevant feedback whenever it detects irregularity on any measured aspect. Thus, it is a great gadget to prevent you from future sports injuries that may occur due to improper running techniques.

Value for money

This device seems to be focused more on some serious runners who want to supplement their regular coaching with the feedback from an additional resource. Still, it does not look justified to spend an extra $149 if you are taking regular coaching for running techniques. The smart sock may not track the inside or outside of your foot. Thus, you will only receive limited coaching from it.


This wearable is designed like a horseshoe anklet. You can clasp it to a special sock with the help of five stitched-in magnets. There are textile pressure sensors in the sock’s bottom area, and the attacked anklet includes a lightweight and discreet CPU. You will not feel awkward while wearing this stylish gadget. It looks like a pair of regular socks. In fact, any runner would be happy to wear the high and thick socks that can also give your ankle a bobbing ring. You can wear and remove your smart socks and the anklet device quite comfortably at any time.



This wearable works decently using sensors to study the foot contact on the ground and its duration. Further, the CPU in the anklet is quite effective in analyzing the data that sensors have gathered. Its smartphone app is also very efficient in displaying the analyses in the form of a colorful heat map. Additionally, the device performs superbly when it comes to interpreting the analyzed data and yelling it out softly to the user through an automated coaching assistant.

However, its synchronization with your phone may not be highly effective at all times. Thus, the pairing is not very reliable. Apart from this, the device gives you a battery life of around six hours only. A major disadvantage is that it does not store any data and you will need to carry your phone constantly with you while running.

Ease of use

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced marathon runner, this device is quick and easy to be used by all. While it is simple and comfortable to wear, the anklet may go unhinged at times when you go running on an elevated platform like a hill. Thus, you might need to keep a check on it if you do not hear any feedback from the synchronized app.

Sensoria fitness socks are great to use if you seriously wish to make your feet and legs, as well as running techniques healthier. However, it is best to spend on this cool wearable if you can afford to neglect its negative performance points.


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