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How about sending smoke signals from your iPhone in emergencies

Technology is supposed to take us forward but it seems that it can also breathe new life to ancient life skills. German inventor Dennis de Bel has found his inspiration from the smoke signaling technique used by people in old days. People in danger used to light a fire and burn something to create smoke that will be visible from faraway. People who lost their way would use the smoke signal to attract the attention of others.


Dennis thinks that we too may use the smoke signal effectively for seeking help when there is no phone network available. Many a times, when we are in trouble and need to make a call we find that there is no phone tower signal in our iPhone. Dennis has devised a technology that will enable you to send smoke signals in case there is no phone signal.

Dennis has presented this new innovative technology at the Berlin Art Show. He has confirmed that the NSA approves this technology. The new SMS or Smoke Messaging Service will help in easier and more effective communication in times of crisis. Dennis has actually invented a hardware add-on, which will help in free visual communication over a long distance.

The user will have to place the lamp oil into the vaporizer of the add-on and then the oil will receive heat. When you press a button, smoke will start coming out from the vaporizer and cloud the front of your iPhone camera.

According to Dennis, two people can make their own smoke code for emergency communication. For example if you need to tell your partner that you will be late then send three smoke signals and if you need a ride send five smoke puff signals. This way even if there is no phone tower you will be able to communicate with your partner or bestie.

In the ancient China, smoke alert was used for the first time for signaling about enemy attacks. The indigenous people of North America also used smoke codes for communicating. Even the college of cardinals use smoke signal to announce about the selection of the new Pope. Dennis’s idea is definitely innovative and soon there will be an app for converting the smoke signal into a real time message.


The hardware add-on invented by Dennis de Bel might change the way you communicate in times of emergencies. The hardware should be improvised and turned into an app soon.


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