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Seashell SS-1 Waterproof Camera Case

Cameras are extremely helpful in capturing memorable moments. One such memorable moment is when we go underwater, into a totally different world. Will it not be a lovely fact to live the experience once again? But the real question is if this will be a truly affordable fact? Digital water-proof camera usually cost a lot. Hence it will be a good idea to opt for an underwater camera case that keeps our camera waterproof. Many of such waterproof camera cases have a drawback, where such cases do not fit all types of cameras. However, the Seashell SS-1 Waterproof Camera Case is both affordable and has a good number of positive points. Let us see a few facts about this waterproof camera case:


1. The Seashell SS-1 waterproof camera case is adjustable.

2. It is made with dense heavy-duty translucent plastic material, which has a glass frame on the camera’s front portion. This is used to see through and to protect the camera lens.

3. This suits most of the compact front-lens and ultra-compact lens digital cameras.

4. It consists of two parts with a robust metal swivel joint.

5. It has a helix encumbered stress fastener with a sliding padlock.

6. It also has a sturdy closure in the corner of the back part of the camera, along with watertight buttons at the top.

7. It has radiantly colored neck fastening and wrist fastening.

8. It comes along with a metal support bush at the bottommost part of the case that can be employed in fastening equipment such as illuminating systems.

9. It includes easy-to-follow instructions and a convenient measuring illustration for selecting the right set of cushions for that specific camera.

10. The waterproof camera case is opaque. In addition, it comes in colors like red, orange, purple, or blue colored in trim areas and buttons.


1. It is waterproof and can be used till a depth of 40 meters from surface.

2. The Seashell SS-1 cases adapt themselves to any camera by using the silicone cushions made of rubber and some foam cushions that are self-adhesive in nature. This which placed in the inner part of the case.

High points

1. The Seashell SS-1 waterproof camera case is priced substantially lesser than a custom-built underwater camera case.

2. It can be fitted to any type of compact and ultra-compact digital cameras that are used every day.

3. It is exceptionally made.

4. It has a very clever design and quiet easy to fit to any camera in seconds time.

5. It can be used at a depth of 40 meters.

6. It has a first-rate quality.

Low points

Though the Seashell camera has several advantages, it also has certain drawbacks that are listed below:

1. Certain camera models with extended zoom lenses may not fit in this case.

2. Altering the positions of the two button connections to start the on/off button and the shutter button.

4. The button connections are a little slack. Hence cameras with trivial controls may be a little bit difficult to activate appropriately.

5. The Panasonic cameras that have slider switches may also not fit in this camera case.


The price of the Seashell SS-1 waterproof camera case is more decent, when compared to other camera cases. It’s is currently priced at £149.99/case.

Lot of amazing features, affordable price, more advantages and fewer disadvantages make this camera case a worth buy.

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