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Runtastic Running & Fitness app – Review

Runtastic Running & Fitness app - Review
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To help you reach your health and fitness goal, Runtastic has brought about its app called Runtastic Running & Fitness. This app is suitable for all users who are involved in fitness activities like running, jogging, walking and biking.


Runtastic Running & Fitness is an Android app for tracking your running and other fitness activities. It has some amazing features to track your cardio workout on factors, such as distance, duration, burnt calories and elevation change. The app has a smooth display and a decent design. While you enjoy your workout, it is involved in real-time monitoring of your progress. The app helps you maintain several personal workout statistics using a workout diary and graphs. Through its advanced features, Runtastic supports you with both live and historic mapping of all your training sessions. You may even check your workouts in 3D using the Google Earth app.


The new Runtastic app is compatible with all Android devices, while its version may vary according to a specific device. It can also be integrated with your Android Wear. The app performs superbly when it comes to tracking real-time activity statistics. It uses GPS for activity mapping and tracking purposes. Its features are optimized to offer effective functionality.

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Ease of use

The app is simple to use and offers a wonderful user experience. Runtastic is a fun and motivation app for users at all fitness levels. You may customize its settings to receive preferred statistics. It is also easy to share your activities on several social platforms.


Runtastic is a great app to achieve your exercise targets and develop a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is about building endurance through a cardio workout or running session, this app helps you track your fitness activity and reach your training goals accordingly. It keeps you motivated through cheerful messages during live tracking.

While this app delivers statistics in text and graphical formats, it also provides video coaching if you have made the required settings. You may easily pause your sessions and set your own goals for pace and calorie burning. Runtastic also lets you play motivational music using external apps and storage sources. In addition, it is highly beneficial when this app gives suggestions on health maintenance after your workout sessions.

Value for money

Runtastic is a free app that is a valuable addition to the bundle of chosen apps on your Android device.

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