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New Philips DesignLine HDTV features innovative Single Glass Sheet

The viewing experience has just gotten better for users who dote on a luxurious amalgamation of advanced technology and remarkable performance. After sweeping many off their feet through avant garde gizmos, Philips has now removed the sheath of its strikingly interesting DesignLine HDTVs that prance in 46- and 55-inch configurations.

While the entire chassis is designed to be exquisite and sleek, the most distinguishing feature remains to be the integrated single sheet of glass. So basically, the new display would walk in with absolute no base stands or chin – with the screen apparently fading away into the gradient-stamped glass beneath it. The unusual layout, which snoozes pretty comfortably against the wall, is quite lightweight and zeroes in on matching the elegance of one’s décor.

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Although TP Vision has incorporated a new-fangled idea of designing a display that leans nattily against a wall, you can always buy a mounting solution to take DesignLine under the wings as added protection. Perfect for any living environment, the super sleek display model also comes embedded with Philips’ new Ambilight technology that helps cast lighting effects neatly on the wall. What may catch a few extra brownie points is the integrated ability of the system to heighten immersion and render an impressive viewing experience.

However, the panel quality is yet to be ascertained by the makers (who seem to be aiming for a stiffened tug-of-war with manufacturers like Samsung and Panasonic in the business). Nonetheless, consumers across the UK may look forward to latching onto the new Philips DesignLine HDTV somewhere in the month of June this year. The pricing details, on the other hand, are yet to be disclosed. While we do not know if the display quality will match the strengths with other displays on the market, the HDTV looks quite a lot of a promising bet to rely on.

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