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Mobile solutions biz can overtake desktop & web biz in 3-5 years

In a recent interview, Kailash Katkar (CMD & CEO, Quick Heal Tech) said, “Mobile solutions biz can overtake desktop & web biz in 3-5 years”. The man is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country and specially the IT field.

About Quick Heal Technology

Co-founded by brothers Sanjay Katkar (CTO & Technical Director) and Kailash Katkar (CMD & CEO), “Quick Heal Technologies” is a Pune based company established in the year 1991. Initially, the company was known as CAT Computer Services Pvt. Ltd.  The company which was earlier a purely computer maintenance firm, has now grown itself to being an IT Solutions provider. The most popular and flagship product of Quick Heal Technologies is the “Quick Heal Anti-Virus”. This product has helped them become the largest antivirus provider in the country with an approximately 35% market share, which is the largest

[box_light]The Success Story[/box_light]

When Quick Heal Solutions started way back in 1991, the owners had never imagined that the company would be so magnanimous one day. Though initially, the idea was not to make QuickHeal a global company, but there was always an excitement and urge to do something new and out of the box in the owner’s minds. The company had a dedicated team to take care of the computer maintenance business, their main line of business back then. But in the desire to do something different, where they could get higher margins a team of 5 people including both the brothers Sanjay &Kailash was developed. The team then started working on developing anti-virus software and the first software was launched way back in 1995. However, at that point in time there were many MNC’s present in the Indian market with their anti-virus software, moreover Indians were mot very open to the need of having anti-virus software.

The scenario however changed in 1997-98 when virus started affecting PC’s on a mass scale. The already present anti-virus solutions in the market catered more to the problems being faced by customers in the US. Indians had very unique problems which the quick heal software was successful in catering to. This is the point, from where anti-virus business picked up big time.

[box_light]Future Plans[/box_light]

The company is abreast with the changing technology and needs of people. It is aware that people are now moving more towards mobile usage for mails and stuff rather than a PC or a Laptop. They foresee that more and more people will be using two mobiles rather than one. One exclusively for office use and the second for personal use. Companies would want to secure the official mobiles and that is the next growth area for the company. They are expecting the mobile solutions business to take over the PC and web solutions business in the next 3-5 years.

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