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Make your smart home hack proof with these tips

Internet of things and Home Automation has made our lives so easy and comfortable. Everyday new smartphone product hits the market. Many of these devices are available easily for consumers. All you have to do is just walk into any electronic home Store and you can purchase a smart home device right off the shelf.

When it comes to technology, one of the biggest concerns that users have is the safety and security. Similarly, considering the technological aspects of Smart home products, smart homeowners do have a concern pertaining to any unauthorized and unethical practices or access, which can result in an unwanted situation.

Well to protect your smartphone and enjoy the benefits luxury and freedom here are a few tips to prevent hackers from accessing or getting into the network of your home.

Default settings should be changed regularly


Due to the fact that, Smart homes use Internet to carry out the various actors and features, the first line of defence that you can think about would be to make changes in your default setting and password. Smart home devices Iogged on to the Internet are easy for hackers to track down. A device is especially vulnerable if it’s online even when it is not in use. By changing your passwords and settings regularly, you can at least prevent your device from being hacked. Even when you choose a password, make sure that it is alphanumeric and contains special characters.

Ensure sure you have the latest updates

Another way to prevent unauthorized entry to any of your smartphone devices would be by updating your device regularly. While some products have a built-in automatic update feature, there are some which have to be updated manually. If you have a device which requires manual update, be sure that it keeps track of all the latest changes made by the company pertaining to the particular product or device that you have.

Do not use your home network

Considering how vulnerable home networks are, it is advisable to have two isolated gadgets by enabling the guest network option. With this simple step, you can prevent any unauthorized entry to all your smart devices under the guest Network. Maintain the primary option of your Wi-Fi router for devices like your laptop and phone.

Consider connectivity minimization


Today practically most tech gadgets support the Internet connectivity. Because of this feature, many devices are connected to the main router or any other source, which allows the Internet option. Instead of having the Wi-Fi option active at all times, you can reduce the number of devices connected to your router by disabling the Wi-Fi option when the device is not in use.

This will not only reduce the load on your Wi-Fi but it will also help in minimizing the number of devices connected at a given time and reduce the possibility of hacking.

Disable the features that are not needed

If your smartphone device has features that you do not use, you can easily disable those features and reduce your smartphone’s possibility of being hacked. If by chance there is no provision on this front then make sure that you take alternate methods. For example, if your device has a built-in microphone and camera which you do not use then you can at least lock the camera is a bike turning it to a wall or by placing a piece of paper or cardboard right in front of the lens.

Ensure that your perimeter it setup securely


Today not just computers and Wi-Fi routers but even Smart home devices have a Firewall protection. You can use this feature to enhance the security of your network by activating it on the device this will not only prevent the device but it also reduce the chances of your device being detected by hackers .

Be careful of third party service providers

If you have a smartphone that is designed for your product, you at least have a sense of security. However, in case your product uses services of a third party then it can be a little dangerous. Before choosing a third party service provider make sure that you do your research well to understand the security measures that the company has in place when it comes to unauthorized and unethical acts such as hacking.


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