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Projectors are going to be obsolete with the launch of these TVs

Over the years, we have seen many changes and various designs of projector hitting the markets. With every advancement, technology make even the projectors are designed keeping in mind the latest concepts and technologies. So far, the projector market has established its own space but it looks like now things are finally changing with the help of a new and unique concept that combines two of the most popular consumer products, the TV and the projector.

Gone are the days when a white sheet was needed as a projector screen. Now it looks like the combination of the TV and projector is setting a new standard. First market was hit with the LCD and OLED TV that eventually grew by incorporating different Technologies. With the recent buzz of the 4K Technology, it is safe to say the technology is coming to the rescue again as two tech giants are competing against each other

The two tech giants behind this concept

Sony and Samsung have always been in competition with each other and have proved to be the most challenging competitor. Be it in the sector of Smartphones, household appliances and other such products, these two competitors have always made it tough for each other. Head on competition between the two tech giants shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. The recent rounds of headlines highlighted another new product with the upcoming launch of wall sized TV’s.

While on one side Samsung lines to introduce the cinema screen wall size TV, on the other hand Sony is also ready for the launch of the Crystal LED TV. With the launch of these two products, it looks like projectors are going to become obsolete.  These hi tech and latest innovative TV not only come with a variety of features but also contain the poker Technology that is built-in the projector.

A look at Cinema Screen by Samsung

In its recent announcement Samsung introduced the cinemas screen, which is a wall size TV that has a screen resembling a movie theatre. With an approximate of 503 nits NIT or 147-foot lamberts, the brightness of the cinema screen gives you a viewing experience that you will never forget. On the check front of the cinema screen, this TV is all set to act as a replacement after taking vitamins consumers to get the effect of watching TV just like the theatre experience. This TV is not that good for households but it is perfect for corporate events, gaming competition, concert, sporting events and other such places where the need of a large screen TV can be helpful.

It looks like Samsung is not providing a competition for Sony but with the launch of this TV it may also take over cinemas and movie theatres. If you look back 4 years ago when the switch off the digital projectors happened, no one would have ever imagined that one day even our TV’s would have a built-in projector.

The Crystal LED TV of Sony

Now that we have a brief idea about what Samsung is offering, let us have a look at the Crystal LED integrated structure TV that Sony is planning to launch. The specifications and features as per the claims made by the company is that the Crystal LED TV has many similarities but you would find in various HDR TV. With the brightness of 1000 nits, refresh rate of 120 Hz, and a wide color gamut, dish TV comes with features like 3D, surround, Dolby and other such experiencing enhancing features. It also offers better contrast colors, price, and images, which you would find in most of the movie theatres.

Although right now there are lot of experiments going on in regards to the different Technologies that are built in these TV’s, but time is the only factor that can only prove if projectors are going to be obsolete after these TV’s hit the market. For now the one thing you can be sure is that both Samsung and Sony are really giving consumers a completely new world by incorporating the latest technologies in their products.


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