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How to install car audio system

Have you just bought your own audio system for you car but does not know how to install it? Why do you want to give your hard earned money for the installation cost when you can do the thing on your own. Yes, you can install the audio system of the car on your own. This article will teach you all the things you need to know about installing your car audio system on your own.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Time required: 2 to 3 hours

Resources required

1. Wire cutters

2. Screwdriver set

3. Electrical tape

4. Wire strippers

5. New car stereo (head unit)


1. Gathering the resources

In the very first step you need to collect and gather all the material listed in the resources required section earlier in this article. This step is important so that you can save more time for installing the audio system. Some of the important things you will require is a new stereo, some tools such as screwdriver and a manual of how to remove your car’s dash panel.

2. Removing the old stereo

Before you install a new audio system into your car, you need to remove the old system. In order to do this you need to first disconnect the negative (ground) wire from the battery of the car. After disconnecting the wire, you need to remove the dash panel of the car so that you can access the old stereo system. After opening the dash panel you will find many wires attached individually.

3. Connecting the wires

After finding the bunch of wires you need to unplug them one at a time so that you do not confuse among them. After disconnecting all the wires you need to connect each wire yourself. You need to connect the positive wire from each speaker to the positive connecter which is on the back of the stereo first. After connecting the positive connector you can connect the negative connector on the back of the stereo.

After you have connected the positive and negative connectors you need to connect the ground wire of the stereo to a screw or bolt near where the radio is mounted in the dash. Ensure that the ground wire is attached to the metal.

4. Putting in the car stereo

After connecting the wires properly on the back of the new stereo, you need to slide your new stereo into the mounting bracket. If you have not received the mounting bracket with the new stereo system, then you have to use the old one to do so. There will be one lone wire left from the old stereo. This is the antenna. Plug that wire into the new audio system.

Now you need to slide the stereo system into the correct slot in the dash. Screw it only after testing the stereo.

5. Testing the stereo

In order to test the stereo you need to connect the electrical system of the car. For this, you need to first connect the negative wire of the car to the battery and then turn on the car and test the stereo. After playing a music listen to all speakers to ensure that each and every speaker is working.

6. Finishing

After you have tested the speakers you can screw the speakers so that they are stable.

Frequently asked questions

1. What type of stereo system should be used for car?

Ans: You can use any type of stereo system which you want to use in the car. But preferably using the stereo system which already was installed in the car is an ideal decision.

Quick tips

1. Read the instructions about installing a stereo system through the instruction manual of the car.

2. If the new stereo does not work when you test it. Then basically the main problem lies in grounding of the wire. Ensure that it is properly connected to a metal to be grounded properly.

Things to watch out for

1. Whenever working with the electrical system of the car, make sure to disconnect the negative cable from the battery of the car.

2. Do not use multiple batteries in your car to power the speakers. This is because it requires special installation by mechanics. So if you are thinking of installing multiple batteries, this will only ruin your audio system.

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