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Huawei makes a bang in the smartwatch arena

Huawei smartwatch arena

The all-new Huawei Watch really defines the word, classic. It is a stylish Android Wear device that is one of the best buys among smartwatches as of now. Let us tell you some more about this device so you can decide how it fits your wrist and your budget as well.


Huawei Watch is just as useful as any other high-end Android Wear would be. Still, it has a special charm to attract many people who do not mind going for fashion with the regular functionality of a smartwatch. The gadget not only helps you access the notifications and apps on your Android phone, but also lets you keep a check on your health with its built-in heart rate monitor. You can also monitor your sleep, cardio workouts, and steps and calorie burn with this device. However, these readings can be slightly inaccurate.

Value for money

Based on its configuration, Huawei Watch can cost you anywhere between $350 and $800. While the high-end price is not for everyone, it is a good bet for the starting price and basic configuration.


When we talk about the looks of Huawei Watch, there can be no doubt about its uniqueness and the sense of fashion it brings to both men and women. The smartwatch has a premium design that gives you a familiar traditional feel of a high-end wristwatch. Without being too bulky or slim, it takes a middle path to look fabulous. This round-faced gadget comes in black steel and silver cases, with either a leather or steel strap.

The look is magnificent with its minimal bezel and a crown-like power button. Its sapphire crystal face is scratchproof, and its 1.4-inch AMOLED screen would look good onany wrist with an always-on display. Overall, it is a graceful and fashionable smartwatch with a natural feel.


With 512 GB RAM and Snapdragon 400 chip, Huawei Watch works smoothly when paired with any Android smartphone via Bluetooth 4.1. This Android Wear performs satisfactorily when we talk about its sharp and crisp 286 PPI display. While it supports your tasks speedily, it also works nicely in terms of the life of its 300mAh battery. The smartwatch has an ambient mode that can prolong its battery life even further.

Ease of use

Huawei Watch is quite comfortable and easy on any wrist. It also functions easily with its intelligent actions and swipes. The entire interface is friendly and convenient to manage.

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