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LEO Privacy Guard claims superior privacy and security for Android

Here is a new privacy app from the leading app developer LEOMASTER, and it is called LEO Privacy Guard. The company has just released its updated version for Android smartphones. Check out how this security app can ensure privacy on your smartphone and keep your data away from snoopers.


If you want to keep your smartphone safe and private, then LEO Privacy Guard is a highly useful app. It will keep your messages, call logs and other app data away from the investigating eyes of your partner, family members, and friends. The app can secure your information so nobody can access your photos, videos, documents or even social media statuses intentionally or accidentally.

It allows to put masks and covers on your apps, as well as to guard your phone using multiple modes. You can lock all your apps conveniently if you are using LEO Privacy Guard on your phone. The app not only helps you by providing alerts on the safety of your device, but also supports app management to save the phone battery.

Value for money

As it is a free app, LEO Privacy Guard is an excellent security option for your Android smartphones.


This app is quite simple in appearance. On a single click, you can lock all your phone apps with its App Lock option. Its user interface is intuitive and comfortable for all types of users. You can also customize the looks of your lock screen by using its wonderful themes.

While you can change the settings, you can additionally check the level of privacy control the app provides you at a specific time. It has various protection levels, including Perfect, Good, Normal, Vigilant, and Dangerous. There are strong options to act as your passwords. The app also provides you a private camera and secured storage box for high privacy.


LEO Privacy Guard is a great app that offers intuitive suggestions to set specific privacy levels based on your conditions. The app is not just quick and smooth to be run on any Android smartphone, but is also amazing for data usage monitoring on your device. Overall, it offers reliable performance on all fronts.

Ease of use

While it may be slightly complex to set up and understand the features and working of this app initially, users may slowly become aware of its simple features. The app offers several shortcuts and passcodes that may be used to make it more accessible.


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