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Five real life innovations that took inspiration from the virtual world

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Both young and elderly, and even professions and scientists love video games. This can be proved by the real life innovations that have been inspired by some popular video games. The technologies depicted or shown in the video games are amazing. They exemplify how creative, free flowing imagination can get. Scientists have found some of these fictional technologies to be very useful in real life. Motivated by video games they have invented some great things. In the following, we have listed five of the best real life innovations from video games.



Accidents can be unpredicted and when a person receives an injury, all you can wish for is Medpac. If you are interested in shooting games then you must know that first person shooter is the origin of this miracle gel that helps in healing wounds and stops bleeding. DRPA has invented foam that can decrease the rate of internal bleeding and gives time for getting the injured persons to hospitals. Joe Landolina is a student who has invented a similar gel that works like magic on external wounds and stops bleeding.



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If you have lots of money to spare then you can get the XS1 that is a Linux powered shooting rifle and helps you bit every rival in multiplayer shooting games. The special gun tracks the movements of vehicles or other objects that you need to shoot. It also considers the wind flow and other natural hindrances. Shooting with this gun is a pleasure. It will cost you around $17,000.


Extra lives: 

Sonic the Hedgehog is blessed to have many lives. It gets a new life after collecting just 100 rings. We are not as lucky. Thankfully, people like Mark Stephen Meadows are thinking about creating artificial bodies for us that we will be able to control from wherever we are. Data and cognitive instructions will be transmitted to the fake you and you will be able to interact with it via a user interface of sorts.


Programmable Grenades: 

Gears of War is the game that probably gave scientists and weapons designers the idea of making the smart grenades or XM-25. It is a rocket launcher with grenades programmed to rain down shrapnel at a specific point.


Ammo Counter:

The Ammo Counter is a simple machine that runs on AAA batteries. You have to attach it with the guns and it will show how many rounds you have shot and how many shots are left with perfect accuracy.

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