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Facebook Phone: Like it or Hate it

Finally, the rumors that there would be a Facebook Phone can be put to rest. Facebook finally publicly announced its new product that is said to transform the level of technology to a whole new world altogether. Anyway, one would definitely not be surprised that the idea of a Facebook Phone would be thought of. Reality however is that there is no such thing. Instead, what was created was Facebook Home.


Up to today, Facebook has a passenger status in mobile phones as it competes with other social networking apps like Twitter and Tumblr. Anyway, whether there is or isn’t a Facebook Phone, let’s examine what this phone might be like. Facebook Phone is not actually a phone but a free to download, lock and home screen replacement for Android phones. Instead of having to use inbuilt lock and home screens, Facebook Home makes your Android phone a Facebook ‘Phone’ by sitting atop Android. This essentially means that the phones become Facebook-ified with home screens featuring Facebook.


Well, is this really something that would attract consumers? Having Facebook take control of the privacy of the home instead of just being an app on the phone is not something I would be comfortable with. Facebook Home would put privacy advocates on high alert as this essentially erodes any concept of privacy. Facebook Home is likely to be able to track every move or action that one makes on the phone. What guarantee is there that the data captured by Facebook Home will not be used by Facebook to spam us with more advertising and marketing notifications, let alone improve our lives? Given Facebook’s previous bad track record with privacy related issues, Facebook Home or ‘Facebook Phone’ is a sheer turnoff.



Despite this, there may be popular response to this Facebook Phone. Potential users who would those who have no inclinations towards smartphones or the type of OS they are interested in. Instead, their prime intention is to walk into a phone store and walk out with a phone which offers them a reasonable rate. They could even be those who wholeheartedly trust store reps and buy the phones with the new features pre-installed, including Facebook Home. Many Facebook users may definitely find some benefit in having Facebook take over their phone. But for how long? Perhaps, until they find that Facebook sitting prominently on the home screen of their phone is doing more than what the Facebook app used to do.

No matter how much of an app you use or how beneficial it is, there is a limit to how much of it you can tolerate. Imagine it thrusting in your face round the clock! It is important to be connected but it is equally important to be able to choose when you want to be connected.


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