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Best business apps for Nokia’s Lumia 800

Now that you are the proud owner of Nokia Lumia 800, it is time to enhance its productivity by loading some impressive business apps in the smartphone. Here are seven best apps designed for Windows-based business smartphone users, which would increase the utility of Lumia 800.

Digital Signature

Digital Signature is a free Windows Phone application that allows smartphone users to sign their names on the phone’s touch screen. The effect is same as signing your name on paper in the real world. It eliminates the hassle of snapping a photo of your signature and scanning it, before emailing it. You can store the digital signature in your Nokia Lumia 800 and insert it in emails and text messages on the go.


With the help of this business app, you can view the traffic statistics of your company websites on the go. The Google Analytics Client displays the vital information about the website traffic of multiple sites. It gives details of referral sources and paths. To help you understand the popularity of the websites, it presents the data in graphical formats and as pie charts. Despite its impressive performance in rendering the traffic stat of websites, frequently the live tile needs to be manually upgraded to access the latest information. The app is available for $2.33.

VAT Calculator

If you are eager to know the effect of value added tax on the price of the products sold by your company, you can install the Vat Calculator app in your Nokia Lumia 800. Enter the price of the product in the input amount box, type the VAT rate, select whether the input amount is inclusive or exclusive of VAT and tap calculate. The smartphone screen will display the breakdown of VAT calculation. VAT Calculator costs $1.

Virtual Remote Presenter

The app designed for the upgraded Windows Phone operating system converts your smartphone into a remote control for your PowerPoint presentation. The neat and user friendly interface of the app features the thumbnails of the slides and an onscreen timer to help you keep track of time while presenting your PowerPoint presentation. The app could be activated only after installing the Virtual Remote Desktop. Virtual Remote Presenter is priced at $3.

Upvise Pro

In the crowded cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management) market, it is often quite difficult to find the right software for your mobile device. Although a freeware, Upvise Pro offers several useful services for small to medium size businesses. The cloud-based computing platform helps to synchronize data between the web and mobile accounts. The same application is also accessible on the PC with any browser. The app keeps track of all your business talks with co-workers. Phone numbers could be instantly accessed from the integrated contact details. From the Google Map link, you can access the addresses of your co-workers. All on-going projects could be managed with the app. Vital data could be stored, organized and shared with the built-in notebook. You can collect feedbacks and ideas from co-workers and customers.

Mobile Insight

Mobile Insight allows users to manage their teams in real-time. It eases communication between field workers and team members back in the office. It eliminates paper-based manual data entries for monitoring the activities of workers. This powerful business tool helps users to automate action items and reminders, enabling team leaders to manage their work force with their smartphone from distant locations. You can manage contacts, calendars, alerts and store visits on the go. Mobile Insight is especially beneficial for businesspersons who do not have sufficient employees to manage multiple retail stores. It also helps managers to review and analyze the activities of the workers. Mobile Insight is a free application for Windows Phone users.

Hours Logger

This is one of the most important apps for business users. The timesheet application helps to track the time spent on individual tasks, thereby enabling users to plan their day to day work schedule. Hours Logger allows users to create multiple jobs, logs and timers for different clients. Tapping on a specific job provides the option for starting the clock now or a later time. You can calculate your earnings with the help of the app. Based on your billing rate and time log, Hours Logger automatically calculates your earning per job. This is a flexible app, allowing users to change timing and billing rates. For a better understanding of the work schedule, data stored in the app could be exported to Excel through email. This business app is priced at $3.58.

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