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The 5 most popular slider cellphones

slider phones

Slider handsets are extremely attractive versions of models from renowned companies all over the world. Equipped with extended facilities along with better communication, these handsets are targeted for the niche clientele. Five best slider handsets are dealt with in this article.

1.Nokia N 80 Internet Edition


Nokia has decided to introduce the new model Nokia N80, which will be lunched in the U.S and European markets the coming year. This handset has a Wi-Fi wizard and Yahoo conducts the application of mobile search. The aim of this cell phone is to simplify the internet edition. The internet connection process is also very simple. N 80 is the best choice for people who are interested in using Skype by means of their handsets as its advanced technology enables this cell phone to support Skype connection easily.

But it has some disadvantage too. The handset lacks auto focus. Moreover,the VGA recording facility is just as ordinary as the original N80. Leaving this demerit ,it is otherwise a excellent choice for every one.

The estimated price is near about $ 550.

2.Cingular 8125


Large slide out keypad which is fully equipped with full sets of mobile office apparatus , together with e-mail facility that responds to a simple push and flip action makes Cingular 8125 as one of the most popular smart phones in its range. You can find Wi-Fi technology along with excellent massaging feature in this model. You must remember that Windows mobile 5.0 menu system is required for running the mobile successfully.

But the main draw back of this phone is its lack of 3G accessibility. Due to this reason this cell phone may have a reduced popularity in the consumer market. It had already been launch in the market on February 2006.

The estimated price is nearly $ 100 to $ 350.

3.Samsung IP-830W


Globe trotters, who are always on the move and traveling all over the world throughout the year, Samsung IP-830W is the best choice for them. The dual mode IP-830 have great massaging option. Along with this the improved basic communication facility and productivity has increase the popularity of this model greatly. You can find both CDMA and GSM services in this phone. That i is the reason you can chat and surf the internet almost anywhere in the world without any disturbance. Besides this, the growing popularity of this model is also due to its pixel browser, which is the latest technology in mobile e-mailing.

But one disadvantage of this handset is the problematic thumb board and trick windows mobile menus. The not so advanced calling quality in comparison to other features can slightly reduce the popularity of this model. It had already got launch in the market on October 2006.

The price was near about $500 to $750.

4. Motorola MOTORIZR Z3


If you prefer a sleek look in your cell phone then MOTORIZR Z3 is the best choice for you. Attractive solid body but sleek design, nice coat of paint, good quality of sound and strong reception makes this cell phone immensely popular. It is good choice for those prioritize call facility in their call phones rather than the extended features.

But this cell phone will be less satisfactory for those who want to use their cell phone for multiple purposes. Multimedia functions are there but either it is very basic or it does not function properly. On the other hands, lack of 3G facility is also a notable demerit. Otherwise it is quite a pretty phone. It had already been launched in the market on January 2007.

The estimated price is near about $ 80 to $ 100.

5. Samsung SGH-T629


Samsung SGH-T629 is one of the most fashionable and attractive slider phones offering features like Bluetooth, an MP3 player, 1.3 mega pixel camera, navigational keypad, improved messaging quality along with other features too.

But as the market survey reports, sometimes this navigational keypad do gives some trouble. Otherwise, as a whole, the market review of this phone is excellent. It had already been released in the market on September 2006.

The approximate offer price of the cell phone is near about $ 100.

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