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10 modern cellphone designs that show us the future

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Mobile phones available in the today’s market can already send e-mails, text messages, browse the websites, and keeps you in touch of your friends, family, and colleagues. The design of these phones are reviewed every year and sometimes they receive a new look or some new features. In future, these designs are going to change to such an extent that you will see them as your fully featured TV or a credit card. Let us have a look on some future phones that are on their way to vibrate the mobile market.

1. Nokia 888

Nokia 888

Nokia is a leader of mobile market and it has the most interesting concept phones. One of them is the striking Nokia 888 that uses liquid batteries and has a flexible touch screen. The lightweight communication device is so flexible that you can turn it into a wristband, stretch it or you can do whatever you want. Tamer Nakisci designs the slim model that recently won the Nokia Benelux design contest.

2. NEC Tag phone

NEC Tag phone

In this phone, NEC used the same concept that is used by Nokia in 888. The “tag” can twist or bend at your command and gives you the most interesting and flexible ways to use your communication device.

3. Windows Phone

Window phone

This phone is designed by Seunghan Song reflects current weather conditions on the screen. When you blow the breath, it changes into the handwriting mode. The shape and size of the phone is common but the features are impressive.

4. Nokia Aeon

Nokia Aeon

This model is present on the Nokia website in the research and development section. The most attractive feature of Aeon is the full touch screen surface. The phone is very slim and is very easy to carry. Seen in green, blue, and black colours, this is the most futuristic phone so far but there is no news of availability from the company.

5. I phone projector palm phone

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I phone projector palm phone

The conceptual form of the future iPhone is here which deals with projection arena. Once you strap it around your wrist, it will project the display of the phone on your palm.

6. Cobalto


This is the real futuristic phone designed by Mac Funamizu. It comes with a transparent glass display and a deformable metal part that allows you use the keypad or an iPod like dialler. With this phone, you will be able to see 3D images on a 2D display.

7. Sky-Sleek and Slim

Sky-Sleek and Slim

Based on touch screen technology this Korean mobile phone has a luminous blue touchpad on the top, a numeral key in the centre and a slider in the bottom. When the slider goes down you see a touchpad to offer a long range of buttons.

8. Provoke 2012 Phone Concept for girls

Provoke 2012 Phone Concept for girls

Provoke is the contract designers for Nokia and they came up with three futuristic designs- Feel, Express and Share. Feel is created for couples who like likes communicate in personal and intense manner. The express design changes the design according to your mood and taste. Share is designed for people of specific group who communicates using symbols and codes.

9. Leaf phone

Leaf phone

This creative and eco-friendly phone is created by Anastasia Zharkova. The phone looks similar to a natural leave and uses organic structure and eco-friendly plastics as its main material. It has two leaves, one is the communicator, and other works as a mini PC. Both are connected by a stem which can be wrapped around the user’s neck, arm, or any other body part.

10. Benq-Siemes “Snaked”

This reptile looking cool phone is especially made for women. It has body-monitoring feature that helps you to maintain your health. You can easily wrap it around any of your body part to use it.

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