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30/30 app helps you schedule your day and discipline yourself

If you have been trying to make your life more disciplined and want to set a routine to do so, then here is an app that has been designed for the same purpose. The 30/30 app is developed by Binary Hammer to help you finish your routine tasks on time and avoid all disturbances that prevent you from achieving your daily goals. Read on to know more about this productivity app.


The 30/30 app comes handy when you want to set a daily schedule for yourself or your children to follow. Since the app lets you set multiple tasks serially and keeps the timer on, it is quite effective in making you complete these tasks within the set time. You can also have fun doing your tasks, as 30/30 offers interesting task icons and alert sounds to be set for your activities. However, it is not necessary to set only those tasks for which the icons are provided.

Whether it is about setting a tea break or time for social media, you can add almost any activity that you perform regularly. To keep your routine regulated, you can also check your added task timings and duration whenever you want.

Value for money

The 30/30 app can offer good value to users, provided they are disciplined and committed to raise their own productivity and efficiency. Being a free app, 30/30is quite beneficial for users who want to make use of it on a continuous basis and not give up on it. This timing app is a wonderful motivator that only asks for optional in-app purchases. However, it is still great if you want to continue with the basic app.


This app has a pleasant design and a visually appealing user interface. It looks attractive with its beautiful and fun icons. The app has neatly organized features, such as a listing of daily tasks and a useful time indicator on the top. There are customizable settings that let you change the time duration for each set task. By default, this time for each task is 30 minutes. It is supposed that you would work for 30 minutes and then take a break for the next set of 30 minutes.

While the whole day’s cycle is broken into such 30/30 sets, you can always customize it from 1 minute to 1 hour. Further, you will find multiple color codes to shade up different activity blocks in a personalized way. Thus, it can help you in prioritizing your tasks or recognizing them in the desired manner. This also improves the usefulness of this app for you.



The 30/30 iOS app works superbly when it comes to creating a schedule for your entire day and getting it implemented in a disciplined manner. The app includes timers that keep telling you about the start and finish of the set tasks. Everything works quite precisely on the 30/30 app.

The app is also highly effective if you want to share your set routine on multiple devices. It can be done through iCloud or email. You will not find any issues while synchronizing the app with iCloud. Overall, the app is a cool task manager.

Ease of use

Using this app is quite reliable and easy. Simply add your planned activities for an entire day and it will keep you alerted to follow your schedule. There are quick options that can just be tapped or swiped to make an entry or personalize your schedule. If you feel you are lazy to work per your plans, then the 30/30 app is exactly what you need.


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