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10 Best free digital audio editing software

A digital audio editor is a computer application for manipulating digital audio. They are the main software components of a digital audio workstation. Digital audio editors are normally used for recording, editing timeline and duration, mixing of multiple tracks and applying effects for audio enhancement which include compression, amplification, flanging, fade in/out, vibrato, chorus, delay and more. Fortunately there are some good and free digital audio editors available. The 10 best are discussed below:

1. DJ Audio Editor

The DJ Audio Editor is a well-organized and easy-to-use application which allows you to create and edit audio files professionally. While the widely-covered audio input formats and the set of filters let you add innovation to your music, a display of the waveform of the audio files makes your work faster.

2. WavePad Sound Editor

The WavePad Sound Editor specializes in audio and multimedia software. It allows you to create and edit music, voice and other sound recordings. You can add effects like echo, noise reduction and amplification. WavePad is easy-to-use, compact and can handle megabyte sized WAV files.

3. Audacity

Audacity is a free and open source software which supports 32 bit floating-point audio files. It allows you to record live audio, edit audio files and convert tapes into digital recordings. Built-in effects are present to remove background noise.

4. Mp3DirectCut

Mp3DirectCut is a small software tool for compressed Mp3. It allows you to remove parts, change volumes and split files without decompressing. Mp3DirectCut works fast and gives you extensive control over your MP3s.

5. Wave MP3 Editor

The Wave MP3 Editor is a complete audio editor and recorder. Editing WAV files with this Editor is as easy as editing text. It allows you to edit downloaded and recorded audio files from any source your computer supports.

6. Audiobook Cutter

The Audiobook cutter is essentially a MP3 Splitter used to create audiobooks, analog recordings of speeches or pod-casts. The original file is split into a series of smaller, sequentially numbered files at regular time intervals without any re-encoding. The small size of the split files allow them to be used on mobile MP3 players. The Audiobook Cutter can also be accessed by the visually impaired.

7. Music Editor Free

Music Editor is a multi-award winning audio editor software designed for both beginners and professionals. Music can be recorded within minutes using this program. It has its own CD burner, includes sound editing functions and numerous audio effects.

8. Kangas Sound Editor

Kangas Sound Editor helps to synthesize sound effects and music. The user interface uses a system of cells which have associated properties describing various characteristics of the instrument, sound or chord group.

9. Mp3Splt

Mp3Splt is used to split large MP3 or OGG files into smaller ones or to split entire albums to obtain individual tracks, without decoding. This utility software is fast and allows trimming using silence detection.

10. Expstudio Audio Editor

Best suited for home-users with quick music-editing needs, the Expstudio Audio Editor supports most audio formats, tools, essential effects and filters. However, the program can only save audio as uncompressed WAVs or MP2s.

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