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The 10 Best free audio software available on Linux

The Linux has completely changed the way OS actually were and this modern and trendy change is highly appreciated in terms of style and the feel it offers. The Linux undoubtedly is one of the most widely used OS and is so highly preferred for its unique and ultra-cool features. The Linux is known for its security and also for its software’s and apps. The audio apps are one of the highly preferred apps in the Linux industry and these cool apps are capable of completely transforming the way audio is used. There is plenty of audio software present in the Linux market these days and it is pretty hard to find the best among those. To help you choose one, here we are with a list of the best 10 free audio software available on Linux which are creating a buzz in the technology industry. Have a look!

1. Audacious

Audacious is the name when it comes to audio software which is most preferred audio software on Linux. It is so famous for its unique and user friendly interface. This software is ultra-lightweight and will not consume or hold much of your disk space unlike other traditional audio software. Also it comes along with a WinAmp support and similar themes and skinnable GUI.

2. Amarok

Amarok is a stylish and ultra cool audio software. This is complete power-packed audio software which will completely take the level of your Linux to a whole new level. It is loaded with plenty of elegant and useful features which will completely improve the experience of music.

3. Banshee

This audio software is awesome when it comes to managing the playlist or playing them back to back. This audio software is loaded with plenty of cool features that allow you to completely manage your music library in a complete new and easy way. The 3D capability adds to the beauty of this software.

4. BMPx

This is the perfect software for all the people out there who love style with a touch of simplicity. This software is especially designed for the people who are not much into cool looks and designs. It is one of the smallest and compact media players in the Linux market and is pretty powerful with its loaded features.

5. Exaile

The media player is given a new dimension with this cool and exotic media player named Exaile. This awesome media player is quite similar to the classic KDE’s Amarok and indeed comes along with the latest and attractive features. It can completely change the way music is managed in your library. The user-interface is quite smart and simple to use.

6. JuK

This is one of the best hybrid software made especially for all the music freaks out there. This software is no similar to the traditional audio software, indeed it’s a perfect mixture of style with luxury. It is incorporated with a Jukebox that allows you to play your favorite tracks in an all new way.

7. gmusicbrowser

This software is aimed to meet the growing need of all the music lovers and musicians out there. This software can manage plenty of songs in a single go and offers smart search operation that allows you to search your favorite track quite fast and smartly. This is one of the best music players and is equipped with features that are capable of running most number of formats.

8. Listen

Here is a cool player which lets you do whatever you feel like doing. This is the thing the cool music player offers. Now you can name and arrange and track down your tracks the way you want them. Its user-interface is just simply awesome and quite interesting to use.

9. Rhythmbox

Apple gadgets and software are really adorable and here is a similar audio software for the Apple fans out there. This is quite similar to the best music player ever, the iTunes. This has the similar looks of the iTunes and also features similar options and facilities. It comes along with the integrated music management system that is capable of integrating the whole lot of songs from PC to its library automatically.

10. Songbird

Bored of your old customized music player whose interface is what actually brings down the joy of music? The Songbird is the name for all such bored people out there. This cool and exotic software not only comes with awesome features and design but also has an awesome user-interface. The best part of the player is the Internet Digital Media service it offers where you can listen to the best tracks and highly rated tracks which are pretty famous across the world.

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