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10 Fantastic texting tricks to add to your Prowess

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Since the recent past, many people prefer cell phones which provide good texting features. There are certain tricks that make your text appear more attractive in several ways. It is also useful for a number of practical purposes.

1. Google calendar

Google calendar helps you to remember important meeting and schedule in your day to day life. It allows you to add new events through SMS. Google will add the particular event that you want to remember within the calendar with the appropriate details immediately after you shoot an event and send it to GVENT. You must configure the Google calendar features in order to send automatic advance reminder of an event. Click the option edit event details for adding an existing entry. It is more beneficial for business men.

2. Track finance, calories and packages

Numerous web services are available which provides option for information and alertness on the basis of calories and packages via SMS. Such service will give subsequent SMS updates on your mobile about the package’s location, delay and their status. You can monitor your shipments by sending to a specific e- mail address along with its tracking number. There are services for those who are conscious about their weight and thereby help to count your calories. It is easily done by texting any restaurant name and menu item to diet.com and this web based service will give information regarding nutrition status back to you. SMS alert options for low balances, large deposits and unusual spending are also provided by some web based services.

3. Voice text message

Many cell phones come with a service which offers voice text message. This system allows you to compose messages through voices rather than typing text using a cell keypad. If you want to send a voice message to any one from your contact list, a new free program named jot has been introduced. You can simply call jot service by speaking the name of the person that you want to text the voice message and then start talking. The sentences should not be much longer and you must end it as soon as possible. It is very useful for those who are in driving although it is against the law. Try to use cell phones which offer the service of voice to text.

4. Get directions

Text message can provide directions from Google for those people who lack GPS in their phone. It only requires a text regarding your beginning point and destination to the Google and it gives direction that you need. Press the send option provided by your cell by entering your mobile number soon after the site generates the driving directions. It is also possible to get driving direction through text message by various services.

5. Google access

Google SMS is an option offered by Google which allows you to access the internet through text message. You may search for currency conversions, word definitions, movie show times and even much more services. Generally, Google application can provide seamless and secure access of information on various devices and location to the users. It also supports Gmail, calendar from most of the mobile phones.

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6. Track flights

There are several ways to keep tab on the departure time of your flight and for all these you will need a phone having internet accessibility. The information regarding almost all airlines’ flight status can be obtained with the help of Google SMS. Checking the time for flight departure is the first and foremost thing done by any flight traveler before their flight. This will help you avoid long waits in the airport due to flight delay. You will receive up to date information regarding the flight arrival and departure by entering the flight and airline number that you want to know. Free flight alerts can be obtained from various sites and it will send a chart sheet which shows up to three hours before the flight departure, delay or any notification and cancellations.

7. Tracking friends

Over the last few years, people have moved to use the cell phones for various reasons such as social networking; messaging and banking. Face book and twitter are the often used social Medias for the purpose of receiving updates via text message. It is a network where one or more people having similar interest connect with each other using the cell phones. This service let others to know what you are doing at the very present.

8. File transfer

One of the easiest ways to move your files between PCs is possible through e mail. Like wise, in cell phones files are transferred using a data cable or with a blue tooth configuration connected to a pc. If you are looking for an easy method to copy a file to your cell phone, a free web service called beam it up Scotty is available. This allows you to send any desired files such as photo, movie, MP3 etc to your phone without any difficulty. This service has the ability to optimize audio and video files automatically for the purpose of cell phone play back. It also can compress heavy files for the speedy transfer.

9. Text messages can be sent from PC

Certain website may provide free messages which can be sent all over the world. You can do it through online without sending it in your cell phone. Suppose you don’t remember the recipient’s carrier a shortcut is also provided and it is done by sending your mail to phone number@ teleflip.com. This free service will do the rest of your work by routing the message to the appropriate carrier. It should be noted that, if whatever method is used, the reply will come to your mail inbox and not in your cell phone.

10. Archive messages

Various web services are provided for archiving the messages. In today’s world, it is easy to copy messages from your phone to pc using a data cable. However, free Bit Pim utility makes this possible without any further difficulty. This free service manages and archives all messages which are forwarded from your phone and later the messages can be reviewed by visiting the treasure my text site.

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